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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-10-01A deep learning framework for Hybrid Heterogeneous Transfer LearningZhou, JT; Pan, SJ; Tsang, IW
2015-01-01Deep representations to model user ‘Likes’Guntuku, SC; Zhou, JT; Roy, S; Weisi, L; Tsang, IW
2023-11DifFormer: Multi-Resolutional Differencing Transformer With Dynamic Ranging for Time Series Analysis.Li, B; Cui, W; Zhang, L; Zhu, C; Wang, W; Tsang, IW; Zhou, JT
2014-01-01Feature disentangling machine - A novel approach of feature selection and disentangling in facial expression analysisLiu, P; Zhou, JT; Tsang, IWH; Meng, Z; Han, S; Tong, Y
2014-01-01Hybrid heterogeneous transfer learning through deep learningZhou, JT; Pan, SJ; Tsang, IW; Yan, Y
2019-04-01Multi-class Heterogeneous Domain AdaptationZhou, JT; Tsang, IW; Pan, SJ; Tan, M
2012-12-01Multi-view positive and unlabeled learningZhou, JT; Pan, SJ; Mao, Q; Tsang, IW
2019-05-15N-ary decomposition for multi-class classificationZhou, JT; Tsang, IW; Ho, SS; Müller, KR
2022-01-01Perceiving the World: Question-guided Reinforcement Learning for Text-based GamesXu, Y; Fang, M; Chen, L; Du, Y; Zhou, JT; Zhang, C
2022-07-01Point Adversarial Self-Mining: A Simple Method for Facial Expression RecognitionLiu, P; Lin, Y; Meng, Z; Lu, L; Deng, W; Zhou, JT; Yang, Y
2018-01-01Sc2Net: Sparse LSTMs for sparse coding <sup>∗</sup>Zhou, JT; Di, K; Du, J; Peng, X; Yang, H; Pan, SJ; Tsang, IW; Liu, Y; Qin, Z; Goh, RSM
2016-01-01Transfer hashing with privileged informationZhou, JT; Xu, X; Pan, SJ; Tsang, IW; Qin, Z; Goh, RSM
2016-01-01Transfer learning for cross-language text categorization through active correspondences constructionZhou, JT; Pan, SJ; Tsang, IW; Ho, SS
2016-08-01Understanding deep representations learned in modeling users likesGuntuku, SC; Zhou, JT; Roy, S; Lin, W; Tsang, IW
2018-01-01'Who Likes What and, Why?' Insights into Modeling Users' Personality Based on Image 'Likes'Guntuku, SC; Zhou, JT; Roy, S; Lin, W; Tsang, IW
2022-01-01XAI beyond Classification: Interpretable Neural ClusteringPeng, X; Li, Y; Tsang, IW; Zhu, H; Lv, J; Zhou, JT