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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-20121-bit Hamming compressed sensingZhou, T; Tao, D; NA
Jan-2010Backward-Forward Least Angle Shrinkage for Sparse Quadratic OptimizationZhou, T; Tao, D; Wong, KKW; Mendis, BSU; Bouzerdoum, A
Jan-2012Bilateral random projectionsZhou, T; Tao, D; NA
Jan-2012Compressed Labeling On Distilled Labelsets For Multi-Label LearningZhou, T; Tao, D; Wu, X
2013Compressed learningZhou, T
Jan-2013Constrained stochastic gradient descent for large-scale least squares problemMu, Y; Ding, W; Zhou, T; Tao, D; Dhillon, IS; Koren, Y; Ghani, R; Senator, TE; Bradley, P; Parekh, R; He, J; Grossman, RL; Uthurusamy, R
Jan-2013Divide-and-Conquer Anchoring for Near-Separable Nonnegative Matrix Factorization and Completion in High DimensionsZhou, T; Bian, W; Tao, D; Xiong, H; Karypis, G; Thuraisingham, BM; Cook, DJ; Wu, X
Jan-2013Double Shrinking for Sparse Dimension ReductionZhou, T; Tao, D
5-Dec-2016Effects of a new-design diffuser and a tail piece on an axial-flow pump’s performanceRosier, RF; Avakian, VV; Huynh, BP; Ivey, G; Zhou, T; Jones, N; Draper, S
5-Dec-2016Effects on Natural-Convection Heat Transfer of a Partial Partition in a Cubic EnclosureAl-Krmah, DA-D; Huynh, BP; Jamil, N; Ivey, G; Zhou, T; Jones, N; Draper, S
2014Feature Disentangling Machine - A Novel Approach of Feature Selection and Disentangling in Facial Expression AnalysisLiu, P; Zhou, T; Tsang, W; Meng, Z; Han, S; Tong, Y
Jan-2011GoDec: Randomized Low-rank & Sparse Matrix Decomposition in Noisy CaseZhou, T; Tao, D; Getoor, L; Scheffer, T
Jan-2013Greedy Bilateral Sketch, Completion & SmoothingZhou, T; Tao, D; Carvalho, CM; Ravikumar, P
Jan-2013k-bit Hamming compressed sensingZhou, T; Tao, D; Lapidoth, A; Sason, I; Sayir, J; Telatar, E
Jan-2012Labelset anchored subspace ensemble (LASE) for multi-label annotationZhou, T; Tao, D; NA
Jan-2009Manifold Elastic Net For Sparse LearningZhou, T; Tao, D; NA
Jan-2011Manifold elastic net: a unified framework for sparse dimension reductionZhou, T; Tao, D; Wu, X
1-Jan-2012Multi-label subspace ensembleZhou, T; Tao, D
Jan-2010NESVM: a Fast Gradient Method for Support Vector MachinesZhou, T; Tao, D; Wu, X; Webb, GI; Liu, B; Zhang, C; Gunopulos, D; Wu, X
9-Dec-2015Online learning of multi-feature weights for robust object trackingZhou, T; Bhaskar, H; Xie, K; Yang, J; He, X; Shi, P