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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-01-01A cyber-threat analytic model for autonomous detection of virtual property theftPatterson, N; Hobbs, M; Zhu, T
2016-06-01A differentially private algorithm for location data releaseXiong, P; Zhu, T; Niu, W; Li, G
2021-08-01A Differentially Private Auction Mechanism in Online Social NetworksHu, X; Ye, D; Zhu, T; Huo, H
2021-01-01A Differentially Private Game Theoretic Approach for Deceiving Cyber AdversariesYe, D; Zhu, T; Shen, S; Zhou, W
2020-01-01A flexible method to defend against computationally resourceful miners in blockchain proof of workRen, W; Hu, J; Zhu, T; Ren, Y; Choo, KKR
2023-01-01A Game-Theoretic Method for Defending Against Advanced Persistent Threats in Cyber SystemsZhang, L; Zhu, T; Hussain, FK; Ye, D; Zhou, W
2020-09-01A Hierarchical Encryption and Key Management Scheme for Layered Access Control on H.264/SVC Bitstream in the Internet of ThingsXu, C; Ren, W; Yu, L; Zhu, T; Choo, KKR
2023-12-01A location-based advising method in teacher-student frameworksZhu, C; Ye, D; Huo, H; Zhou, W; Zhu, T
2021A novel differentially private advising framework in cloud server environmentShen, S; Zhu, T; Ye, D; Wang, M; Zuo, X; Zhou, A
2022-01-01A Robust Game-theoretical Federated Learning Framework with Joint Differential PrivacyZhang, L; Zhu, T; Xiong, P; Zhou, W; Yu, P
2022-01-01Adversarial Attacks Against Deep Generative Models on Data: A SurveySun, H; Zhu, T; Zhang, Z; Jin, D; Xiong, P; Zhou, W
2019-10-10Adversaries or allies? Privacy and deep learning in big data eraLiu, B; Ding, M; Zhu, T; Xiang, Y; Zhou, W
2021-03-01An Empirical Study of Code Deobfuscations on Detecting Obfuscated Android Piggybacked AppsZhang, Y; Xiao, G; Zheng, Z; Zhu, T; Tsang, IW; Sui, Y
2021-11-01An optimized differential privacy scheme with reinforcement learning in VANETChen, X; Zhang, T; Shen, S; Zhu, T; Xiong, P
2018-10-01Answering differentially private queries for continual datasets releaseZhu, T; Li, G; Xiong, P; Zhou, W
2022-11-01Attacking neural machine translations via hybrid attention learningNi, M; Wang, C; Zhu, T; Yu, S; Liu, W
2022-12-08Balancing Learning Model Privacy, Fairness, and Accuracy With Early Stopping Criteria.Zhang, T; Zhu, T; Gao, K; Zhou, W; Yu, PS
2019-05-01A blockchain-based location privacy-preserving crowdsensing systemYang, M; Zhu, T; Liang, K; Zhou, W; Deng, RH
2019-01-01CaACBIM: A context-aware access control model for BIMZheng, R; Jiang, J; Hao, X; Ren, W; Xiong, F; Zhu, T
2023-05-23CIFair: Constructing continuous domains of invariant features for image fair classificationsTian, H; Liu, B; Zhu, T; Zhou, W; Yu, PS