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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-20141-D FDTD EM, thermal, and displacement multiphysics simulationsEyde, ZS; Ziolkowski, RW
4-Oct-201728GHz Compact Omni-Directional Circularly Polarized Antenna for Device-to-Device (D2D) Communications in Future 5G SystemsLin, W; Ziolkowski, RW; Baum, TC
1-Jun-2011Active coated nanoparticles: Impact of plasmonic material choiceArslanagic, S; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Jul-2013Active cylindrical coated nano-particle antennas: Polarization-dependent scattering propertiesGeng, J; Ziolkowski, RW; Jin, R; Liang, X
1-Dec-2011Active metamaterial-inspired broad-bandwidth, efficient, electrically small antennasZhu, N; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Jan-2014Active toroid nano antenna excited by an electric Hertzian dipoleUr Rehman, S; Geng, J; Jin, R; Liang, X; Ziolkowski, RW
14-Aug-2013Advances in electrically small antennas augmented with internal non-Foster elementsZhu, N; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Dec-2012Advances in non-foster circuit augmented, broad bandwidth, metamaterial-inspired, electrically small antennasZhu, N; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Jan-2013Analytical and equivalent circuit models to elucidate power balance in scattering problemsLiberal, I; Ziolkowski, RW
22-Oct-2015Analytical and numerical modeling of passive and active coated nanoparticlesZiolkowski, RW
26-Aug-2013Anisotropic permittivity of ultra-thin crystalline Au films: Impacts on the plasmonic response of metasurfacesCampbell, SD; Ziolkowski, RW; Cao, J; Laref, S; Muralidharan, K; Deymier, P
20-Nov-2014Applications of circularly polarized crossed dipole antennasPark, I; Ta, SX; Han, JJ; Ziolkowski, RW
17-Apr-2013Augmenting a modified egyptian axe dipole antenna with non-foster elements to enlarge its directivity bandwidthTang, MC; Zhu, N; Ziolkowski, RW
22-Oct-2012Broad-Bandwidth, Electrically Small Antenna Augmented With an Internal Non-Foster ElementZhu, N; Ziolkowski, RW
21-Jul-2017Broadband Electrically Small Circularly Polarized Directive AntennaTa, SX; Park, I; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Dec-2013Capacitively-loaded THz dipole antenna designs with high directivity and high aperture efficiencyZhu, N; Ziolkowski, RW
25-Oct-2013Circuit and multipolar approaches to investigate the balance of powers in 2D scattering problemsLiberal, I; Ederra, I; Gonzalo, R; Ziolkowski, RW
3-Dec-2013Circularly polarized crossed dipole on an HIS for 2.4/5.2/5.8-GHz WLAN applicationsTa, SX; Park, I; Ziolkowski, RW
10-Dec-2012Coated nano-particle jamming of quantum emittersArslanagic, S; Ziolkowski, RW
1-Feb-2017Compact Crossed-Dipole Antennas Loaded with Near-Field Resonant Parasitic ElementsTa, SX; Lee, K; Park, I; Ziolkowski, RW