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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01A SNaPshot of next generation sequencing for forensic SNP analysis.Daniel, R; Santos, C; Phillips, C; Fondevila, M; van Oorschot, RAH; Carracedo, A; Lareu, MV; McNevin, D
2016-01Allele frequency data for 15 autosomal STR loci in eight Indonesian subpopulations.Venables, SJ; Daniel, R; Sarre, SD; Soedarsono, N; Sudoyo, H; Suryadi, H; van Oorschot, RAH; Walsh, SJ; Widodo, PT; McNevin, D
2008-08-01Assessing trace DNA evidence from a residential burglary: Abundance, transfer and persistenceRaymond, JJ; Walsh, SJ; van Oorschot, RAH; Gunn, PR; Evans, L; Roux, C
2014-11Assessment of high resolution melting analysis as a potential SNP genotyping technique in forensic casework.Venables, SJ; Mehta, B; Daniel, R; Walsh, SJ; van Oorschot, RAH; McNevin, D
2019-01-01DNA transfer in forensic science: A reviewvan Oorschot, RAH; Szkuta, B; Meakin, GE; Kokshoorn, B; Goray, M
2021-11-07DNA Transfer in Forensic Science: Recent Progress towards Meeting Challenges.van Oorschot, RAH; Meakin, GE; Kokshoorn, B; Goray, M; Szkuta, B
2019-07-29The effects of soaking for DNA recovery on the striation patterns of fired cartridge casesPrasad, E; Van der Walt, L; Cole, A; van Oorschot, RAH; Barash, M; Gunn, P; Raymond, J
2021Evaluating forensic DNA evidence: Connecting the dotsMeakin, GE; Kokshoorn, B; van Oorschot, RAH; Szkuta, B
2019-09-01Opportunistic crimes: Evaluation of DNA from regularly-used knives after a brief use by a different personButcher, EV; van Oorschot, RAH; Morgan, RM; Meakin, GE
2021-11-10Touch DNA recovery from unfired and fired cartridges: Comparison of swabbing, tape lifting and soaking.Prasad, E; Hitchcock, C; Raymond, J; Cole, A; Barash, M; McNevin, D; van Oorschot, RAH
2008-01-01Trace DNA analysis: Do you know what your neighbour is doing?. A multi-jurisdictional surveyRaymond, JJ; van Oorschot, RAH; Walsh, SJ; Roux, C
2017-07Trace DNA evidence dynamics: An investigation into the deposition and persistence of directly- and indirectly-transferred DNA on regularly-used knives.Meakin, GE; Butcher, EV; van Oorschot, RAH; Morgan, RM
2022-01-01Trace DNA recovery rates from firearms and ammunition as revealed by casework dataPrasad, E; Atwood, L; van Oorschot, RAH; McNevin, D; Barash, M; Raymond, J
2009-01-01Trace evidence characteristics of DNA: A preliminary investigation of the persistence of DNA at crime scenesRaymond, JJ; van Oorschot, RAH; Gunn, PR; Walsh, SJ; Roux, C