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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A case study of state-corporate crime: Crown Resortsvan Rijswijk, H; Crofts, P
2017-04-01The Continuing Problem of the Universal to Questions of Justice: A Feminist Reading of Lars von Trier’s Dogvillevan Rijswijk, H
2019-01-01The dysfunctional town and the social contract: Figures of violence in the liberal legal imaginaryvan Rijswijk, H
2018-08-06Feminist genres of violence and law's aggressive realismvan Rijswijk, H
2020-04-20Going bunta on Western law: Violent jurisdictions, melodrama and the Australian carceral imaginary in Wentworthvan Rijswijk, H; Joseph, L; Weinert, K; Crawley, K; Tranter, K
2021-05-25Harms of the Stolen Generations Claimed Under the Flag: Contesting National World-Making Through Literaturevan Rijswijk, H
2016Introduction: developing a counter-archival senseMotha, S; van Rijswijk, HM; Motha, S; van Rijswijk, H
2012-04-01Neighbourly Injuries: Proximity in Tort Law and Virginia Woolf's Theory of Sufferingvan Rijswijk, H
2012-01-01Parental 'Consent' to Child Removal in Stolen Generations CasesAnthony, T; van Rijswijk, H; Kirkby, D
2020-11-30Re-defining Gendered Harm and Institutions under Colonialism: #MeToo in Australiavan Rijswijk, H
2021-04-30Technology: New trajectories in LawCrofts, P; van Rijswijk, H
2016Uneven Relationalities, Collective Biography, and Sisterly Affect in Neoliberal UniversitiesGannon, S; Kligyte, G; McLean, J; Perrier, M; Swan, E; Vanni, I; van Rijswijk, H