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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015EditorialSun, W
25-Dec-2016EditorialKyong Shon, H; Duc Nghiem, L; Kim, S; Akmar Zakaria, Z; Tijing, L; Shu, L; Jegatheesan, V
1-Dec-2017Editorial introduction: A critical lens on hospitality and tourism workHarris, C; Small, J; Wilson, E
1-Jan-2012Editorial introduction: Beyond the margins? The relevance of critical tourism and hospitality studiesWilson, E; Small, J; Harris, C
1-Apr-2017Editorial Message: Special Issue on Fuzzy Brain–Computer Interface SystemsLiu, YH; Jung, TP; Lin, CT; Liao, LD
6-Jul-2016Editorial: Anthropogenic impacts on the microbial ecology and function of aquatic environmentsLabbate, M; Seymour, JR; Lauro, F; Brown, MV
1-Jun-2008Editorial: Collegial trust: Crucial to safe and harmonious workplacesJackson, D
1-Jun-2018Editorial: Current and Future Trends in Wireless Communications Protocols and TechnologiesAlam, M; Jan, MA; Shu, L; He, X; Chen, Y
1-May-2018Editorial: Digital transformation &amp; digital business strategy in electronic commerce - The role of organizational capabilitiesNadeem, A; Abedin, B; Cerpa, N; Chew, E
1-Apr-2013Editorial: Five years of scholarship on violence, bullying and aggression towards nurses in the workplace: What have we learned?Hutchinson, M; Jackson, D; Haigh, C; Hayter, M
2-May-2017Editorial: Good practices in multimedia modelingYang, Y; Hong, R; Huet, B; Shen, HT
2-Feb-2015Editorial: Implementing evidence-based palliative carePhillips, J
2014Editorial: Interruptions and medication: Is 'Do not disturb' the answer?Hayes, C; Power, T; Davidson, PM; Jackson, D
Jan-2012Editorial: Investigating complementary and alternative medicine in maternity care: The need for further public health/health services researchAdams, J; Steel, AE
1-Mar-2017Editorial: Is technology responsible for nurses losing touch?Dean, S; Lewis, J; Ferguson, C
1-Nov-2015Editorial: ISARC 2014Ha, Q; Wang, X; Bock, T; Balaguer, C
1-Jan-2017Editorial: Joint Proceedings of the Sixth Multimodal Learning Analytics (MMLA) Workshop and the Second Cross-LAK WorkshopPrieto, LP; Martínez-Maldonado, R; Spikol, D; Hernández-Leo, D; Rodríguez-Triana, MJ; Ochoa, X
1-Jan-2014Editorial: Nurses' role in improving interdisciplinary delirium care in inpatient settings: Steps for actionHosie, A; Phillips, J
26-Sep-2017Editorial: Organic ligands-A key control on trace metal biogeochemistry in the oceanBuck, KN; Lohan, MC; Sander, SG; Hassler, C; Pižeta, I
1-Mar-2008Editorial: Organising care delivery: Facilitator or impediment to supportive working relationships in nursingJackson, D