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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1995Altered Immune-Responses In Mice Lacking Inducible Nitric-Oxide SynthaseWei, X; Charles, IG; Smith, AC; Ure, J; Feng, C; Huang, FY; Xu, DX; Muller, WJ; Moncada, S; Liew, F
1-Jan-2015Altered Innate Immune Responses in Neutrophils from Patients with Well- and Suboptimally Controlled Asthma-
2010Altered motor control, posture and the Pilates method of exercise prescriptionCurnow, DL
Jan-2003Altered Perceptions of Conflict in Homicide Matters: The Role of Victim-Offender ConferencingBooth, T
Jan-2005Alternate Representation for Visual Constraint Specification in the Layered View ModelRajagopalapillai, R; Chang, E; Dillon, TS; Feng, L; Kotsis, G; Taniar, D; Bressan, S; Ibrahim, IK; Mokhtar, S
21-Mar-2011An alternate STAT6-independent pathway promotes eosinophil influx into blood during allergic airway inflammationHansbro, PM; Foster, PS; Yang, M
-Alternation in Quantum Programming: From Superposition of Data to Superposition of ProgramsYing, M; Yu, N; Feng, Y
15-Nov-2007Alternative activation of ruminant macrophages by Fasciola hepatica-
6-Feb-2001Alternative analysis of BOD removal in subsurface flow constructed wetlands employing Monod kinetics-
Jan-2009An Alternative Approach for Developing Temporal PatternsVarga, C; Ball, JE; Babister, KM; Willgoose, G; Kuczera, G
Jan-2013An alternative approach to community-based ecotourism: a bottom-up locally initiated non-monetised project in Papua New GuineaSakata, H; Prideaux, B
1-Jan-2014An alternative approach to mapping thermophysical units from martian thermal inertia and albedo data using a combination of unsupervised classification techniquesJones, E; Caprarelli, G; Mills, FP; Doran, B; Clarke, J
Jan-2006An Alternative Approach to Modelling Stormwater Runoff From Small Urban CatchmentsCheah, C; Ball, JE; Carmody, J; Schweke, M; Venkatraman, K; Mulley, P; Babon, A; Lamaro, E; Wood, R; Gough, J; Taylor, M; Wood, C
1-Feb-2010Alternative Australian climate change plans: The public's views-
1-Jan-1994Alternative computational approaches to inference in the multinomial probit model-
1-Mar-2009Alternative defaultable term structure models-
15-Jun-2011Alternative design to dual stage NF seawater desalination using high rejection brackish water membranes-
1-Dec-2011Alternative design to dual stage NF seawater desalination using high rejection Brackish Water membranes-
2006Alternative exciter supply for use on synchronous alternators in micro-hydroelectric applicationsJarman, R
1-Dec-2009Alternative explanations for the association between market values and stock-based compensation expenditureMatolcsy, Z; Riddell, S; Wright, A