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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2016Policy Making at a Distance: A Critical Perspective on Australia's National Foundation Skills Strategy for AdultsYasukawa, K; Black, S; Yasukawa, K; Black, S
2018Policy Making Versus Policy Research: The Case of the City of Sydney’s Tech Startups Action PlanRecke, M; Bliemel, MJ; Miles, MP; Battisti, M; Lau, A; Terziovski, M
2013Policy Rate, Mortgage Rate and Housing Prices: Evidence from New ZealandShi, S; Jou, J-B; Tripe, D
30-Mar-2016Policy Submission - Broadcasting Legislation Amendment (Media Reform) Bill 2016Wilding, D
1-Nov-2017Policy Submission - Consumer Representation: Review of Section 593 of the Telecommunications Act 1997Wilding, D
15-Jun-2017Policy Submission - Future of Public Interest JournalismWilding, D; Fray, P
30-Jul-2016Policy Submission - Privacy Guidelines for BroadcastersWilding, D
30-Sep-2016Policy Submission - Review of the Australian Communications and Media Authority - Draft ReportWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Fraser, M; Hitchens, L
30-Aug-2016Policy Submission - Review of the Australian Communications and Media Authority: Issues PaperWilding, D; Dwyer, T; Fraser, M; Hitchens, L
1-Apr-2011Policy update: What does the renewable heat incentive mean for bioenergy in the UK?Kelly, S; Pollitt, M
2006Policy validation and translation in policy networks for end-to-end quality of service over the internetRajput, K
2003Policy, politics and nursing: a case study of policy formation in New ZealandHughes, FA
1-Jan-2011Policy-based Awareness Management (PAM): Case study of a wireless communication system at a hospitalTalaei-Khoei, A; Solvoll, T; Ray, P; Parameshwaran, N
28-Mar-2011Policy-based awareness: Implications in rehabilitation video gamesTalaei-Khoei, A; Ray, P; Parameshwaran, N
1-Feb-2001Policy-based content delivery: An active network approachMacLarty, G; Fry, M
Jan-2008Policy-based Danger Management in Artificial Immune System Inspired Secure Routing in Wireless Mesh NetworksMohamed Mowjoon, D; Agbinya, JI; Chaczko, ZC; Ao, SI; Castillo, O; Douglas, C; Dagan Feng, D; Lee, JA
1-Jan-2002Policy-based quality of service and security management for multimedia services on IP networks in the RTIPA projectGay, V; Duflos, S; Kervella, B; Diaz, G; Horlait, E
Jan-2010Policy-Based Remote Laboratory Multi-User Access ManagementLowe, DB; Mujkanovic, A; Murray, SJ; Auer, M; Karlsson, G
1-Dec-2006A policy-based service definition language for service managementSheridan-Smith, N; O'Neill, T; Leaney, J; Hunter, M
9-Dec-2005A policy-driven autonomous system for evolutive and adaptive management of complex services and networksSheridan-Smith, N; Leaney, J; O'Neill, T; Hunter, M