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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Prototype Cities in the SeaKaji-O'Grady, S; Raisbeck, P
Jan-2005Prototype Cities in the SeaKaji-O'Grady, S; Raisbeck, P
1-Jan-2010A PROTOTYPE CLIMBING ROBOT FOR INSPECTION OF COMPLEX FERROUS STRUCTURESPeters, G; Pagano, D; Liu, DK; Waldron, K; Fujimoto, H; Tokhi, MO; Mochiyama, H; Virk, GS
Jan-2004The Prototype Model of a Web Based Knowledge Sharing and collaboration support System for the Building IndustryWang, CC
Jan-2002A prototype of knowledge-based decision support system for construction cost managementZou, PX; Wang, CC; Anson, M; Ko, JK; Lam, ESS
Jan-2001A Prototype of Multi-Objective Group decision support system with a group aggregation method baseLu, J; Quaddus, M; Finnie, G; Cecez-kecmanovic, D; Lo, B
Jan-2011Prototype Places: Curating Practice-Based Research in a Museum ContextTurnbull, D; Connell, M; Edmonds, EA; Ciolfi, L; Scott, K; Barbieri, S
16-Aug-2019Prototype Propagation Networks (PPN) for Weakly-supervised Few-shot Learning on Category GraphLiu, L; Zhou, T; Long, G; Yao, L; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
1-Oct-2017Prototype-based budget maintenance for tracking in depth videosAwwad, S; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2014A prototype-based resonance model of rhythm categorizationBååth, R; Lagerstedt, E; Gärdenfors, P
-Prototypes and limited production piecesGoodrum, A; Brian Parkes
1-Mar-2009Protozoal hepatitis associated with immunosuppressive therapy in a dogFry, DR; McSporran, KD; Ellis, JT; Harvey, C
18-Sep-2012The Proust Effect: Oral History and the SensesHamilton, P
14-Nov-2013Provably-correct stochastic motion planning with safety constraintsYoo, C; Fitch, R; Sukkarieh, S
1-Jan-2016Provider-based optimized personalized viable SLA (OPV-SLA) framework to prevent SLA violationHussain, W; Hussain, FK; Hussain, OK; Chang, E
5-Jun-2003Providing a partially encrypted data packet in a spread spectrum signalLi, Y; Huang, X
19-Jun-2003Providing a Partially Encrypted Data Packet in a Spread Spectrum SignalLi, Y; Huang, X
4-May-2014Providing Adaptive Health Updates Across the Personal Social NetworkMoncur, W; Masthoff, J; Reiter, E; Freer, Y; Hien, N
1-Dec-2005Providing agent support for collaborative systems: Using a domain oriented design methodHawryszkiewycz, IT
1-Jan-2007Providing agent support for collaborative systems: using a domain-oriented design methodHawryszkiewycz, IT