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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016Producing nitrite from anodic ammonia oxidation to accelerate anammox in a bioelectrochemical system with a given anode potentialZhu, T; Zhang, Y; Bu, G; Quan, X; Liu, Y
1-Dec-2009Producing optimized ensembles of nitrogen-vacancy color centers for quantum information applicationsAharonovich, I; Santori, C; Fairchild, BA; Orwa, J; Ganesan, K; Fu, KMC; Beausoleil, RG; Greentree, AD; Prawer, S
Jan-2009Producing researchers: the changing role of the doctorateLee, A; Boud, DJ; Brew, A; Lucas, L
2000Producing the new mother : surveillance, normalisation and maternal learningFowler, CM
1-Dec-2002Product hierarchy-based customer profiles for electronic commerce recommendationNiu, L; Yan, XW; Zhang, CQ; Zhang, SC
Jan-2003Product innovation and developement in strategic alliancesBucic, T; Gudergan, S; Kehoe, WJ; Whitten, LK
Jan-2001Product Innovation: the green advantageHendriks, C; Kuiper, G; White, S
1-Dec-2012Product portfolio management practices based on the PDMA survey: A diagnostic in a textile companyLoos, MJ; Miguel, PAC
1-Oct-2010Product Quality Risk Perceptions and Decisions: Contaminated Pet Food and Lead-Painted ToysFeng, T; Keller, LR; Wang, L; Wang, Y
Jan-2005Product-country images and preference heterogeneity for Mediterranean food products: A discrete choice frameworkScarpa, R; Philippidis, G; Spalatro, F
1-Feb-2017Product-service systems in Southeast Asia: Business practices and factors influencing environmental sustainabilityRetamal, M
2008Production and analysis of alloy composites exhibiting improved bonding using a novel vacuum casting processHuggett, PG
1-Jan-2001Production and analysis of hydroxyapatite from Australian corals via hydrothermal processHu, J; Russell, JJ; Ben-Nissan, B; Vago, R
2013Production and characterization of kiln cast composite alloysLucey, TJ
1-Jan-2013A production efficiency model-based method for satellite estimates of corn and soybean yields in the midwestern USXin, Q; Gong, P; Yu, C; Yu, L; Broich, M; Suyker, AE; Myneni, RB
Jan-2007Production equations for unsteady-state construction processesWalsh, KD; Sawhney, A; Bashford, HH
Jan-2003Production functions or governance structures: operations stategy within the firmJenkins, RJ; Hyland, PW; Davis, D; Jenkins, R
1-Jan-2013Production inventory model with disruption and reliability considerationsPaul, SK; Sarker, R; Essam, D
1-Jan-2016Production of apatite from snail shells for biomedical engineering applicationsEkren, N; Gunduz, O; Celik, S; Ayata, B; Sahin, YM; Chou, J; Ben-Nissan, B; Salman, S; Gokce, H; Oktar, FN
Feb-2013Production of bioadditives from glycerol esterification over zirconia supported heteropolyacids.Zhu, S; Zhu, Y; Gao, X; Mo, T; Zhu, Y; Li, Y