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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2006Treaty yeah? The Utility of a Treaty to advancing Reconciliation in AustraliaDavis, MJ
1-Aug-2005Tree allometry and improved estimation of carbon stocks and balance in tropical forestsChave, J; Andalo, C; Brown, S; Cairns, MA; Chambers, JQ; Eamus, D; Fölster, H; Fromard, F; Higuchi, N; Kira, T; Lescure, JP; Nelson, BW; Ogawa, H; Puig, H; Riéra, B; Yamakura, T
10-Aug-2004Tree growth rates in north Australian savanna habitats: Seasonal patterns and correlations with leaf attributesPrior, LD; Eamus, D; Bowman, DMJS
2008Tree leaf-and branch-trait coordination along an aridity gradientTaylor, D
2005Tree model guided (TMG) enumeration as the basis for mining frequent patterns from XML documentsSetiawan, HT
1-Jan-1996Tree responses to CO<inf>2</inf> enrichment: CO<inf>2</inf> and temperature interactions, biomass allocation and stand-scale modelingEamus, D
1-Apr-2008Tree rings of Pinus nigra from the Vienna basin region (Austria) show evidence of change in climatic sensitivity in the late 20th centuryLeal, S; Eamus, D; Grabner, M; Wimmer, R; Cherubini, P
2016Tree rule firewallChomsiri, Thawatchai
2014Tree similarity measure-based recommender systemsWu, D
8-Jun-2016Tree-connectivity: Evaluating the graphical structure of SLAMKhosoussi, K; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G
1-Jan-2015A tree-structured crash surrogate measure for freewaysKuang, Y; Qu, X; Wang, S
1-Jan-2006TreeCluster: Clustering results of keyword search over databasesPeng, Z; Zhang, J; Wang, S; Qin, L
22-Aug-2013Treeline dynamics in response to climate change in the Min Mountains, southwestern ChinaZhao, ZJ; Shen, GZ; Tan, LY; Kang, DW; Wang, MJ; Kang, W; Guo, WX; Zeppel, MJB; Yu, Q; Li, JQ
2013Treelines dynamics in response to climate change in the Min Mountains, southwestern ChinaZhao, Z; Shen, G; Tan, L; Kang, D; Wang, M; Kang, W; Guo, W; Zeppel, M; Yu, Q; Li, J
19-Nov-2009TreemapBar: Visualizing additional dimensions of data in bar chartHuang, ML; Huang, TH; Zhang, J
11-Sep-2018Trees as landlords and other public experiments: An interview with Natalie JeremijenkoPratt, S; Gibson, P; Brits, B
1-Jun-2018Trees tolerate an extreme heatwave via sustained transpirational cooling and increased leaf thermal toleranceDrake, JE; Tjoelker, MG; Vårhammar, A; Medlyn, B; Reich, PB; Leigh, A; Pfautsch, S; Blackman, CJ; López, R; Aspinwall, MJ; Crous, KY; Duursma, RA; Kumarathunge, D; De Kauwe, MG; Jiang, M; Nicotra, AB; Tissue, DT; Choat, B; Atkin, OK; Barton, CVM
Jan-2009Treeview Estates Lithgow, NSWCampbell, L; Luscombe, DO
1-Aug-2017Trehalose improves traumatic brain injury-induced cognitive impairmentPortbury, SD; Hare, DJ; Finkelstein, DI; Adlard, PA
29-Aug-2013Trematode Cysteine EndopeptidasesRobinson, MW; Brindley, PJ; McKerrow, JH; Dalton, JP