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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2007Transient characteristics of a hydraulically interconnected suspension systemJeyakumaran, JM; Smith, WA; Zhang, N
Jan-2002Transient characteristics of an automatic transmission during shift changesLiu, D; Zhang, N; Jeyakumaran, JM; Villanueva, L; Zhang, L; Tong, L; Gal, J
15-Jul-2017Transient dynamic modeling for leaf springsZhang, B; Deng, K; Xie, Q; Zhang, N
9-Sep-2015Transient multi-physics analysis of a magnetorheological shock absorber with the inverse Jiles-Atherton hysteresis modelZheng, J; Li, Y; Li, Z; Wang, J
1-Sep-2003Transient performance study of a brushless doubly fed twin stator induction generatorBasic, D; Zhu, JG; Boardman, G
1-Sep-2003Transient performance study of a brushless doubly fed twin stator induction generatorBasic, D; Zhu, JG; Boardman, G
7-Jan-2014Transient potential gradients and impedance measures of tethered bilayer lipid membranes: Pore-forming peptide insertion and the effect of electroporationCranfield, CG; Cornell, BA; Grage, SL; Duckworth, P; Carne, S; Ulrich, AS; Martinac, B
14-Mar-2007Transient receptor potential ion channels control thermoregulatory behaviour in reptilesSeebacher, F; Murray, SA
1-Apr-2011Transient Responses of a Hydraulic Power Assisted Vehicle Steering SystemZhang, N
1-Apr-2007Transient simulation and analysis for saturated core high temperature superconducting fault current limiterZhao, C; Wang, S; Qiu, J; Zhu, JG; Guo, Y; Gong, W; Cao, Z
Jan-2009Transient Simulation of Electrical Machines Using Field-Circuit Coupled MethodRen, Z; Wang, S; Qiu, J; Xu, F; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Chen, Y
1-Jan-2012Transition and TransformationRoggema, R; Vermeend, T; Timmermans, W
Jan-2005Transition complexities in a knowledge/risk societyTe Riele, K; Nigel Bagnall
30-May-2015The transition from 3C SiC (1 1 1) to graphene captured by Ultra High Vacuum Scanning Tunneling MicroscopyGupta, B; Placidi, E; Hogan, C; Mishra, N; Iacopi, F; Motta, N
2015Transition from senior secondary to tertiary languages study: student attitudes in three Sydney schoolsMoloney, R; Harbon, L
2013The transition from static to dynamic web designScaife-Elliott, L
21-Jul-2011Transition probability of the coherent turbulent flow around a circular bridge pierKeshavarzi, A; Ball, J
1-Jan-2013Transition probability studies in <sup>175</sup>AuGrahn, T; Watkins, H; Joss, DT; Page, RD; Carroll, RJ; Dewald, A; Greenlees, PT; Hackstein, M; Herzberg, RD; Jakobsson, U; Jones, PM; Julin, R; Juutinen, S; Ketelhut, S; Köll, T; Krücken, R; Labiche, M; Leino, M; Lumley, N; Maierbeck, P; Nyman, M; Nieminen, P; O'Donnell, D; Ollier, J; Pakarinen, J; Peura, P; Pissulla, T; Rahkila, P; Revill, JP; Rother, W; Ruotsalainen, P; Rigby, SV; Sarén, J; Sapple, PJ; Scheck, M; Scholey, C; Simpson, J; Sorri, J; Uusitalo, J; Venhart, M
1-Jan-2012Transition to an in-patient palliative care unit: Carers share their experiencesHarrington, A; Mitchell, P; Jones, J; Swetenham, K; Currow, D
1-Jul-2018Transition to low-carbon economy: Assessing cumulative impacts of individual behavioral changesNiamir, L; Filatova, T; Voinov, A; Bressers, H