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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-1998C- and Multiangle Ku-Band Synthetic Aperture Radar Data for Bare Soil Moisture Estimation in Agricultural AreasSano, EE; Moran, MS; Huete, A; Miura, T
1-Sep-2014C-graph automatic groupsElder, M; Taback, J
Jul-2016C-LOG: A Chamfer distance based algorithm for localisation in occupancy grid-mapsDantanarayana, L; Dissanayake, G; Ranasinge, R
Jan-2013C-LOG: A Chamfer Distance Based Method for Localisation in Occupancy Grid-mapsDantanarayana, LI; Ranasinghe, R; Dissanayake, G; Amato, N
Jan-2001A C-type lectin from the tunicate, Styela plicta, that modulates cellular activityNair, SV; Burandt, M; Hutchinson, A; Raison, RL; Raftos, DA
Jan-2011C2EN: Anisotropic Model of Cloud ComputingChaczko, ZC; Aslanzadeh, S; Selvaraj, H; Zydek, D
Jan-2007Cabinet magazine (2007-2010)Smith, A; Sina Najafi
Jan-2015CaCO3 precipitation in multilayered cyanobacterial mats: clues to explain the alternation of micrite and sparite layers in calcareous stromatolites.Kaźmierczak, J; Fenchel, T; Kühl, M; Kempe, S; Kremer, B; Łącka, B; Małkowski, K
Jan-2001CADCAM Integration and the Practical Politics of Technological ChangeTantoush, T; Clegg, SR
Jan-2006Cadmium assimilation in the terrestrial isopod, Porcellio dilatatus - Is trophic transfer importantCalhoa, CF; Soares, AM; Mann, RM
Jan-2010Cadmium bioaccumulation and retention kinetics in the Chilean blue mussel Mytilus chilensis: Seawater and food exposure pathwaysHerve-Fernandez, P; Houlbreque, F; Boisson, F; Mulsow, S; Teyssie, J; Oberhaensli, F; Azemard, S; Jeffree, R
Jan-2012Cadmium Sorption And Desorption In Soils: A ReviewLoganathan, L; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, JK; Naidu, R
Jan-2013Cadmium-free quantum dots in aqueous solution: Potential for fingermark detection, synthesis and an application to the detection of fingermarks in blood on non-porous surfaces.Moret, S; Bécue, A; Champod, C
Jan-2014Cage, Chance, and Architecture: Distancing the Formalizing AgentHarfield, S; Benedikt Michael
Jan-2006The Cairo museum, the national museum of Athens, the ancient Iran museum and the Louvre: curatorial practices from east to west and backManasseh, C; McMinn, T; Stephens, J; Basson, S
Jan-2011The calcium looping cycle for CO2 capture from power generation, cement manufacture and hydrogen productionDean, CC; Blamey, J; Florin, N; Al-Jeboori, M; Fennell, PS
21-May-2015Calcium looping technologies for gasification and reformingFlorin, N; Boot-Handford, M; Fennell, P; Boot-Handford, M; Fennell, P
2016Calcium phosphate and bioglass reinforced PLA thin film biocomposites for slow drug delivery applicationsMacha, Innocent Jacob
Jan-2013Calcium Phosphate Formation From Sea Urchin - (brissus Latecarinatus) Via Modified Mechano-chemical (ultrasonic) Conversion MethodSamur, R; Ozyegin, L; Agaogullari, D; Oktar, F; Agathopoulos, S; Kalkandelen, C; Duman, I; Ben-Nissan, B
Jan-2016Calcium phosphate nanocoatings and nanocomposites, part 2: thin films for slow drug delivery and osteomyelitis.Ben-Nissan, B; Macha, I; Cazalbou, S; Choi, AH