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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2010M-6-On Minimal Market Models and Minimal Martingale MeasuresHulley, H; Schweizer, M; Chiarella, C; Novikov, A
Jan-2003m-Enterprise Technology: Diffusion of Innovation Awareness, Adoption and UptakeLawrence, EM; Culjak, G; injam, S; Giaglis, GM; Werthner, H; Tschammer, V; Froeschi, KA
1-Mar-2013An M-Estimator based algorithm for active impulse-like noise control-
16-Sep-2008M-fieldwork for information systems studentsDyson, LE; Lawrence, E; Litchfield, A; Zmijewska, A
Jan-2006M-Government success factors: A roadmap for developing interactive mobile governmentAl-Khamayseh, SA; Lawrence, EM; Wimmer, M
1-Dec-2008m-Government: A framework of mobile-based emergency response systems-
1-Sep-2012M-Research: Ethical issues in researching young people's use of mobile devices-
21-Dec-2010m-SNE: Multiview stochastic neighbor embedding-
1-Aug-2011M-SNE: Multiview stochastic neighbor embedding-
1-Jan-1996M-T2: A poxvirus TNF receptor homologue with dual activities-
23-May-2012M. tuberculosis induces potent activation of IDO-1, but this is not essential for the immunological control of infectionWalker, L; Guillemin, GJ; Smythe, GA; Ehrt, S; Britton, WJ; Saunders, BM
16-Jun-2009The M17 leucine aminopeptidase of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum: Importance of active site metal ions in the binding of substrates and inhibitorsTrenholme, KR; Gardiner, DL; Dalton, JP; Stack, CM; Lowther, J
19-Oct-2007The M18 aspartyl aminopeptidase of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum-
1-Jan-2017M2M Communications in 5G: State-of-the-Art Architecture, Recent Advances, and Research Challenges-
27-Feb-2015M<sup>3</sup> CSR: Multi-view, multi-scale and multi-component cascade shape regression-
1-May-2018An m<sup>6</sup>A-YTH module controls developmental timing and morphogenesis in arabidopsis-
Jan-2004MA-IDS Architecture for Distributed Intrusion Detection using Mobile AgentLi, C; Song, Q; Zhang, C; Shi, F
2014MA-Net: A reliable memetic algorithm for community detection by modularity optimizationMoslemi Naeni, L; Berretta, R; Moscato, P
Jan-2010Mabel Hannah's Justice: a contextual re-reading of Donoghue v Stevensonvan Rijswijk, HM
Jan-2007The Mabo Lecture:The Long Path to Land JusticeBehrendt, LY