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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005R v Bropho: Careful interpretation of DNA evidence required for courtroom decision-makingBuckleton, JS; Curran, JM; Walsh, SJ
2012R&D of NDTs for Timber Utility Poles in Service - Challenges and Applications (Extension for Bridge Sub-Structures and Wharf Structures)Dackermann, U; Li, JL; Subhani, MMS
Jan-2004R. H. Mathews and anthropological warfare: On writing the biography of a 'self-contained man'Thomas, MH
5-Jan-2016R2FP: Rich and robust feature pooling for mining visual dataXiong, W; Du, B; Zhang, L; Hu, R; Bian, W; Shen, J; Tao, D
17-Aug-2015R2O3 (R = La, Y) modified erbium activated germanate glasses for mid-infrared 2.7 μm laser materialsCai, M; Zhou, B; Wang, F; Wei, T; Tian, Y; Zhou, J; Xu, S; Zhang, J
2014RA-inspired codes for efficient information theoretic multi-path network securityYe, T; Veitch, D; Johnson, S
Jan-2014Rabbitfish sentinels: first report of coordinated vigilance in conspecific marine fishesFox, RJ; Donelson, J
Feb-2013rac-[2-(Dicyclohexylphosphanyl)phenyl](phenyl)phosphinic diisopropyl-amide-borane hemihydrate.Evans, SJ; Renison, CA; Williams, DBG; Muller, A
Jan-2013The race is not to the swift: breakthrough technology commercialization and implications for public policySharpe, SA; Shepherd, D; Davidsson, P
31-Oct-2014Rach Congestion in Vehicular NetworkingSubramanian, R; Sandrasegaran, K
Jan-2004Racial Positioning, Privilege and Public DebateCowlishaw, G; Moreton-Robinson, A
2013Racism and anti-racismNelson, J; Dunn, KM; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2-Jun-2015Racism and Anti-Racism in Families: Insights from Performativity TheoryNelson, JK
27-Nov-2013Racism, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander identities, and higher education: Reviewing the burden of epistemological and other racismsBodkin-Andrews, G; Carlson, B
Jan-2011Racist In The Woodpile? Prejudice And EducationBuchanan, JD
2016Radar-based rainfall erosivity and hillslope erosion modelling in a burnt national park after storm eventsZhu, Q; Yang, X; Yu, B; Sun, L
Jan-2007Radar: A Model For It Organizational Change Four Australian Case Studies On The Adoption And Diffusion Of Method EngineeringSerour, MK; Winder, D; Rodenes, M; Hackney, R
25-Oct-2011Radial basis function meshless method to solve 2-D electromagnetic problems with moving conductorsYang, G; Lei, G; Chen, X; Shao, K
Jan-2010Radial basis function neural network metamodelling for 2D resistivity mappingWahid, HB; Nguyen-Duc, H; Ha, QP; Technical Committee
10-Dec-2015Radial Cursor: an Efficient Technique to Explore Radial Hierarchy Visualizations on Touch ScreensHe, S; Huang, M