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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2018X-Band Low Phase Noise Oscillator Based on Hybrid SIW Cavity ResonatorZhang, T; Yin, J; Cai, Z; Yang, Y; Bao, J
17-Aug-2018An X-band Low Phase Noise Oscillator with High Harmonic Suppression Using SIW Quarter-Wavelength ResonatorCai, Z; Tang, X; Zhang, T; Yang, Y
2011The X-CLAW Self-Aligning Connector for Self-Reconfiguring Modular RobotsCong, JJ; Fitch, R
31-Oct-2017X-ray and Neutron Reflectivity Study Shows That CLIC1 Undergoes Cholesterol-Dependent Structural Reorganization in Lipid MonolayersHossain, KR; Holt, SA; Le Brun, AP; Al Khamici, H; Valenzuela, SM
28-Sep-2012X-ray crystal structure and specificity of the plasmodium falciparum malaria aminopeptidase PfM18AAPSivaraman, KK; Oellig, CA; Huynh, K; Atkinson, SC; Poreba, M; Perugini, MA; Trenholme, KR; Gardiner, DL; Salvesen, G; Drag, M; Dalton, JP; Whisstock, JC; McGowan, S
1-Jan-2006X-ray diffraction analysis on crystallite development of nanostructured aluminiumMeijer, E; Armstrong, N; Yeung, WY; Sung, JH; Lee, CG; You, YZ; Lee, YK; Kim, JY
Jan-2004X-ray diffraction characterisation of nanoparticles size and shape distributions: application to bimodal distributionsArmstrong, NG; Kalceff, W; Cline, JP; Bonevich, JE; Lynch, PA; Tang, C; Thompson, S; Savvides, N
1-Sep-2006X-ray mapping and interpretation of scatter diagramsMoran, K; Wuhrer, R
1-Aug-2006X-ray mapping and post processingWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, MR
1-Oct-2010X-ray mapping and scatter diagram analysis of the discoloring products resulting from the interaction of artist's pigmentsWhite, R; Thomas, P; Phillips, MR; Moran, K; Wuhrer, R
1-Dec-2006X-ray mapping of metallic elements in roll bonded metal laminatesWuhrer, R; Lee, M; Moran, K; Yeung, WY
1-Aug-2006X-ray mapping using a multiple-EDS (DUAL) detectorsWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, MR; Davey, P
Jan-2005X-ray Mapping using Multiple EDS and WDS DetectorsWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, M; Davey, P; al, RPE
Jan-2002X-ray microanalysis of insulators in a variable pressure environmentToth, M; Craven, JP; Phillips, M; Thiel, BL; Donald, AM; Voelkl, E; Piston, D; Gauvin, R; Lockley, AJ; Bailey, GW; Mickernan, S
20-Nov-2002X-ray microanalysis of insulators in a variable pressure environmentToth, M; Craven, JP; Phillips, MR; Thiel, BL; Donald, AM
Jan-2001X-Ray Micronalaysis in the Environmentl SEM Using Mapping and Fourier Deconvolution TechniquesPhillips, M; Griffin, B; Drouin, D; Nockolds, C; Remond, G; Lyman, C
5-Sep-2005X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy analysis of oxide formation on 8150 aluminium foilsMansell, M; Heness, G; Yeung, WY
1-Oct-2005X-ray reflectivity study of radio frequency sputtered silicon oxide on siliconSolina, DM; Cheary, RW; Kalceff, W; McCredie, G
15-Mar-2002X-ray spectrometry investigation of electrical isolation in GaNKucheyev, SO; Toth, M; Phillips, MR; Williams, JS; Jagadish, C; Li, G
1-Dec-2018X-ray-induced reduction of a surfactant/polyoxotungstate hybrid compoundColusso, AV; McDonagh, A; Cortie, MB