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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-1. “I am ( I and I)”, (1996), acrylic on paper, manipulated book 2. “LXZb” (2002), acrylic on hard cover book, manipulated book 3. “Adam and Eve”, (1997), oil stick on paper, manipulated book 4. “On Illustration”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) and wood 5. “Philosophy and Simulation”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) and wood 6. “Michelangelo”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) and wood 7. “Conceptual Art”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) 8. “The Artists”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) 9. “Isolated Houses”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) 10. “Burtynsky Oil”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) 11. “Creative Britain”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket) 12. “A Critical Anthology”, (2012), acrylic on paper (dust jacket)Titmarsh, M
-180x120: Designing Alternate Location SystemsPaulos, E; Burke, AJ; Jenkins, T; Marcelo, K; Curator, SFMOAD
-1936, PrologGrau, U; Goberna Pesudo, C
-35 SummersTitmarsh, M; Mark Titmarsh
-35 SummersTitmarsh, M; Centre, MR
-8 x AO Drawings (charcoal / graphite and gouache on paper) in the CCS group exhibitionBowman, CP; Creativity, P; Studios, C
-The 8th crossingCaines, C; Sophia Kouyoumdjian
-ABSTRACT Nos. 1-11Hill, MJ; Aanya Roennfeldt
-Aerial LaceHeffer, C; Patrick Snelling
-The After PartyHughes, NA; Julie Ewington
-After the DelugeMcMillan, TD; Tony Stephens; Durling, N
-Against the amnesiac lifestyle showroomTitmarsh, M; Glass, A; Khan, J
-AgueMcMillan, TD; Bridgit Pirrie
-Albatross; Flare; Whiskey in the kitchenMcMillan, TD; Anna Davis
-Alliance FrancaiseMinnaert, F; magazine, RTL
2014American CornerMunt, A
-Arborous Ornthica - The BirdtreeSpurr, S; Rivard, T; Council, SS
-ARCHITECTONICSgro, DM; Chant, A; Solente, O; VAMFF
-Ascension 1, Ascension2, Ascension3Wallen, LP; Nicky Ginsberg
-AssemblageCampbell, KF; Chung, EY; Mandl, SF; Monin, ML; Kate Britton