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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011ArachnoServer 2.0, an updated online resource for spider toxin sequences and structuresHerzig, V; Wood, D; Newell, F; Chaumeil, P; Kaas, Q; Binford, G; Nicholson, G; Gorse, D; King, G
1-Sep-2006Areas of Federal Law that Exclude Same Sex Couples and Families-
20-Mar-2012Areas of Federal Law that Exclude Same-Sex Couples and their Children-
2002Assisting the Design of virtualwork processes via on-line reverse engineeringBiuk-Aghai, R; Simoff, S; Dennis, E
16-Apr-2014Beyond the Hype: Insights into Entrepreneurial Life in AustraliaLogue, D
2002Bridging the Gap from Process Modelling to process Assessment: The OOSPICE Process Specification for Computer-Based Software DevelopmentHenderson-Sellers, B; Stallinger, F; Lefever, B; Grunbacher P
2002Business Process Monitoring using Web Services in B2B e-CommerceKumaran, S; McGregor, C; IEEE Computer Society
2010Chemical analysis of the superatom model for sulfur-stabilized gold nanoparticlesReimers, J; Wang, Y; Cankurtaran, B; Ford, M
1-Jan-2008Developing business case studies for accessible tourism-
2007E-service Intelligence: Methodology, Technologies and ApplicationsLu, J; Ruan, D; Zhang, G
2001An Empirical study of requirements engineering in distributed software projects: is distance negotiation more effective?Damian, DE; Williams D
2006Employment Patterns of Undergraduate Construction StudentsSmith, P; UTS
2013Evaluation of the in vitro Antiprotozoal Activity of Various Dry Plant Extracts against Dientamoeba fragilisBarratt, J; Ellis, J; Harkness, J; Marriott, D; Stark, D
2007Exploring pedagogy with interactive whiteboards: A case study of six schools.Schuck, S; Kearney, M
2006Exploring the benefits of using motes to monitor health: an acceptance surveyLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Felix Navarro, K; Culjak, G; Dini, P
2002Extreme WearablesMcNeil, P
2006Exurban Noir Research WorkshopBurke, A; Paulos, E; Anderson, K; Williams, A
2009Fashion Craft: Drawn ThreadsClifton-Cunningham, A
2007Fashioning the Hood': THe Tracksuit as a Cultural IconKaraminas, V; Daborn, s; Harbutt, V; Kirkman, J; Loxley, A
2005Flourish: knitted Stomacher and PocketClifton-Cunningham, A; Liz Williamson and Marnie Kuypers