Dual-Functional Electrically Small Huygens Antenna System

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Conference Proceeding
ISAP 2018 - 2018 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, 2019
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© 2018 KIEES. A dual-functional electrically small Huygens antenna system is introduced for wireless power transfer (WPT) and communication applications at 915 MHz. This dual-functional system is facilitated by using two orthogonally-oriented electrically small Huygens linearly polarized (HLP) dipole subsystems. Each HLP antenna consists of two metamaterial-inspired near field resonant parasitic (NFRP) elements, i.e., the capacitive loaded loop (CLL) and the Egyptian axe dipole (EAD). A rectifier circuit is integrated with one of the HLP antennas to facilitate its function as a rectenna for WPT applications. The other HLP antenna serves the communication applications. Due to the large isolation (> 30 dB) between these two HLP subsystems, their functionalities are independent. A successfully fabricated and measured prototype demonstrates that this highly-integrated dual-functional antenna system has excellent performance characteristics. It is electrically-small (ka < 0.77) and produces unidirectional Huygens (cardioid) broadside realized gain patterns with broad beamwidths. It has a high AC to DC conversion efficiency. The antenna system is an excellent, practical candidate for wireless Internet-of-Things (IoT) applications.
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