On exploiting priority relation graph for reliable multi-path communication in mobile social networks

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Journal Article
Information Sciences, 2019, 477 pp. 490 - 507
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© 2018 Elsevier Inc. A mobile social network (MSN) consists of certain amount of mobile users with social characteristics, and it provides data delivery concerning social relationships between mobile users. In MSN, ordinary people contact each other more frequently if they have more social features in common. In this paper, we apply a new topology structure–priority relation graph (PRG) to evaluate the data delivery routing in MSN on the system-level. By using the natural order of nodes’ representation, the diameter, the regular degree and the multi-path technology, we determine the priority relation graph-based social feature routing (PRG-SFR) algorithm to find disjointed multi-paths in MSN. Here, the multi-path technology can be exploited for ensuring that, between each pair of sender and receiver, the important information can be delivered through a highly reliable path. Then we calculate the tolerant ability of ‘faults’ and estimate the availability of MSN on the theoretical level. Finally, we analyze the efficiency of PRG-SFR algorithm from the numerical standpoint in terms of fault tolerance, forwarding number, transmission time and delivery rate. Moreover, we make comparisons between PRG-SFR algorithm and certain state-of-the-art technologies.
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