A submap joining algorithm for 3D reconstruction using an RGB-D camera based on point and plane features

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Journal Article
Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 2019, 118 pp. 93 - 111
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© 2019 Elsevier B.V. In standard point-based methods, the depth measurements of the point features suffer from noise, which will lead to incorrect global structure of the environment. This paper presents a submap joining based SLAM with an RGB-D camera by introducing planes as well as points as features.This work is consisted of two steps: submap building and submap joining. Several adjacent keyframes, with the corresponding small patches, visual feature points, and planes observed from these keyframes, are used to build a submap. We fuse the submaps into a global map in a sequential fashion, such that, the global structure is recovered gradually through plane feature associations and optimization. We also show that the proposed algorithm can handle plane association problem incrementally in submap level, as the plane covariance can be obtained in each submap. The use of submap significantly reduces the computational cost during the optimization process, while keeping all information about planes. The proposed method is validated using both publicly available RGB-D benchmarks and datasets collected by authors. The algorithm can produce accurate trajectories and high quality 3D models on these challenging datasets, which are difficult for existing RGB-D SLAM or SFM algorithms.
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