Mechanical and Thermal Properties of All-Wood Biocomposites through Controllable Dissolution of Cellulose with Ionic Liquid.

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Journal Article
Polymers, 2020, 12, (2)
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All-wood biocomposites were prepared with an efficient method. The ionic liquid of 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride (BMIMCl) was used to impregnate manchurian ash (MA) before hot-pressing, and the all-wood biocomposites were prepared by controllable dissolving and regenerating the cellulose in MA. The Fourier transform infrared analysis suggested that all the components of MA remained unchanged during the preparation. X-ray diffraction, thermogravimetric and scanning electron microscope analysis were carried out to study the process parameters of hot-pressing pressure and time on the crystallinity, thermal properties and microstructure of the all-wood biocomposites. The tensile strength of the prepared all-wood biocomposites reached its highest at 212.6 MPa and was increased by 239% compared with that of the original MA sample. The thermogravimetric analysis indicated that as the thermo-stability of the all-wood biocomposites increased, the mass of the residual carbon increased from 19.7% to 22.7% under a hot-pressing pressure of 10 MPa. This work provides a simple and promising pathway for the industrial application of high-performance and environmentally friendly all-wood biocomposites.
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