You are, I am - within and without

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Creative Work (exhibition)
Bioethics and art competition. UNESCO chair in bioethics and human rights, 2015
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When I consider the healing gift of body, mind and spirit I want to speak to something that is global, simply accessible and intrinsic to who we are, where ever we live on the planet. When I probe this further, it’s really about finding a sense of connection – a connection that is at once within ourselves, between ourselves and shared by all life. When we find that feeling of connection within we move from feeling separate and isolated to a feeling of belonging and sharedness with our fellow humans and the living world we inhabit. Water and air are the great connectors. We are made of both as they circulate through us and the whole world. This photograph shows an experienced sense of connection -one that is simultaneously within and without, a state of being where we can all rest assured that we belong.
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