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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Collaborative and cross-company project management within the automotive industry using the Balanced ScorecardNiebecker, Klaus Dieter
2009Collaborative coding in the cloud : providing a paradigm shift to the way software development is achieved in environments of the futureLovell, Dominic
2014Collected works related to the development of the modern cochlear implantWilson, Blake Shaw
1997Combining educational aspects with new technology : teaching basic statistics using hypermediaMendez, Decler Arnaldo
2010Comics in transition : a comparative study of Web comic presentation formats 1995-2008Kerr, Jeremy Arthur Stuart
2013Commodity derivative pricing under the benchmark approachDu, Ke
2006Common pleasures : low culture in Sydney 1887-1914Doyle, Susan
2005Communication in effective and ineffective teams : a longitudinal study investigating team members' task and socio-emotional verbal behavioursStaudinger, Katrin Ilka
2004Communication in the delivery of projects in multicultural environmentsAdu, Joyce
2005Communicative activism and human rightsSpry, Damien Colin David
2013Communities, co-management and world heritage : the case of KokodaReggers, Amy Louise
1995Community emergentBeresford, Jeffery Reginald
1998Community structure of cliff-top coastal healthlands in Botany Bay National Park, SydneyFullerton, Robert Nigel
2013Comparative ecophysiology of eucalyptus woodlands along a depth-to-groundwater gradientZolfaghar, Sepideh
2011Comparative study and analysis of control design on industrial boiler with different control techniquesBaig, Junaid Ahmad
2015Comparing journalisms : newspaper coverage of river issues and climate change in Australia and BangladeshDas, Jahnnabi
2006Comparing the efficiency of fixed and tracking solar cell panels in a tropical locationJumrusprasert, Pattanapong
2007A comparison of decision-making by “expert” and “novice” nurses in the clinical setting, monitoring patient haemodynamic status post Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm surgeryHoffman, Kerry
2010The comparison of one-item-at-a time to multiple-items-at-a-time measurement of a brand equity framework for predicting brand choices in real marketsMenictas, Constantinos
2005Comparison of the effects of deep manual acupuncture and acupressure on regional pressure pain thresholdLi, Weihong