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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Fishways and freshwater fish migration on South-Eastern AustraliaMallen-Cooper, MG
1996Structured graphs : a visual formalism for scalable graph based tools & its application to software structured analysisSifer, Mark John
1996The Sydney 2000 Olympics bid and its impact on the process of redefining Australian national identityWejbora, PC
1996Countertrade and the internationalisation of the Australian firmFletcher, R
1996An examination of marketing effort and differential advantage as two models of market share determination in the Australian new passenger car market, 1983 to 1993Jonmundsson, JB
1997Macroinvertebrate composition of the upper Georges River with reference to urban, industrial and agricultural impactsJarvis, DG
1997Drugs, sport and the law : legal solutions and the need for an international arbitral court : an Australian perspectiveKavanagh, TM
1997Approaching coherence : reflections on a writing practiceScott, JA
1997Bequest : a life of John PowerBrien, DL
1997The influence of organisational culture, subculture, leadership style and job satisfaction on organisational commitmentLok, Peter
1997The anisminic revolution in Australia : the reception of the doctrine of extended jurisdictional error in AustraliaEllis-Jones, ID
1997Rhetoric and democracy : deliberative opportunities in current electoral processesStockwell, SE
1997Variable region gene expression and structural motifs of human polyreactive immunoglobulinsRamsland, PA
1997Combining educational aspects with new technology : teaching basic statistics using hypermediaMendez, Decler Arnaldo
1998The genesis and tectonic significance of chromitite-bearing serpentinites in southern NSWGraham, IT
1998Ocular desires : sight and embodiment in the middle agesBiernoff, S
1998On form and meaning : Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and the Saline de ChauxO'Reilly, GR
1998School-museum integrated learning experiences in science : a learning journeyGriffin, Janette Margaret
1998"Making something for myself" : women, quilts, culture and feminismGrahame, EJ
1998Telecommuting : current status, future directionFeather, Robyn Elizabeth