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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998Community structure of cliff-top coastal healthlands in Botany Bay National Park, SydneyFullerton, Robert Nigel
1998Impacts of selective outsourcing of information technology and information servicesJones, Sean Anthony
1998Captured and enraptured : the phenomenon of first-time parenting in the first yearAdams, AP
1998The battered body : a feminist legal historyGenovese, Ann Louise
1998Determinants of service behaviour among customer contact personnelDaniel, K
1998The initial post-arrival adjustment process of recently arrived humanitarian entrants : a case study of entrants from Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan in Sydney, AustraliaWaxman, P
1998Law and public policy in financial reporting in AustraliaKaran, R
1998Engineering properties of polystyrene aggregate concreteSabaa, Benjamin Ashong
1998Blurring the boundaries : breastfeeding as discursive construction and embodied experienceSchmied, V
1998An analysis of a week's opinion writing in Sydney daily newspapers : who speaks, how they are chosen & what is saidParker, Maralyn Jennifer
1999Missionary positions : an examination of the work culture of arts managers in AustraliaKeighery, VC
1999Industrial rotating kiln simulationVan Puyvelde, DR
1999Discourse contexts for second language development in the mainstream classroomGibbons, Pauline Frances
1999Application of the maximum entropy method to x-ray profile analysisArmstrong, Nicholas Gray Garvin
1999Integrating Business Strategy and Enterprise Resource Planning systemsNiven, John Lincoln
1999Today the students, tomorrow the workers! : radical student politics and the Australian labour movement 1960-1972Russell, LA
1999A model for successful implementation of internet-based electronic commerce in business operationsGide, E
1999The policies and discourses of vocational education and training and their impact on the information of teacher's identitiesChappell, Clive Stewart
1999A model for assessing the perceived value of knowledge based systemsClark, JA
1999Relinquishment and abjection : a semanalysis of the meaning of losing a baby to adoptionFarrar, Patricia.