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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009ABC transport proteins and drug resistance in nematodesJames, CE
2012Academic engagement and agency in multilingual middle year classroomsMichell, MR
2015Academic identity development of engineering academics in the Australian engineering education communityGardner, AP
2015Accelerating phytoplankton phenomics through FTIR spectroscopySackett, OEM
2006Access issues : the computer as a communication tool for primary school childrenMaher, D
2008Accommodating WTO rules of non-discrimination in domestic law : the case of VietnamPhan Thi, TT
2011Accountability and patient safety : a study of mess and multiplicitiesHor, S
2014Achieving trust-oriented data protection in the cloud environmentChen, L
2009The acquisition, development and use of generic attributes: perceptions of new university graduatesTe Wiata, I
2014Action recognition by graph embedding and temporal classifiersZare Borzeshi, E
2014An action research study to improve resident-centred continence care in a multi-purpose serviceDickson, LL
2009Actionable knowledge discovery : methodologies and frameworksLuo, D
2012Acupuncture and the Australian workers' compensation system : studies on the Chinese medicine profession's perceptions and interactions with the workers' compensation system and their treatment of work-related injuriesChoy, B
2014Acupuncture as an adjunct therapy in the treatment of depressionWilson, KJ
2010Acute care nurses' attitudes, behaviours and perceived barriers towards discharge risk screening and discharge planningGraham, JE
2011Adaptive learning of common motion patterns for human aware robot navigationSehestedt, S
2007Adaptive power control for UMTSPatachaianand, R
2014Adaptive sampling for spatial prediction in wireless sensor networksNguyen, VL
2011An adaptive tunable vibration absorber using magnetorheological elastomers for vibration control of vehicle powertrainsHoang, N
2005Adding imperative programming to the pattern calculusNguyen, QT