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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Packet Scheduling for LTE-AdvancedNguyen, SC
2013Packet scheduling under imperfect channel conditions in Long Term Evolution (LTE)Wang, Y
2013Packet-loss prediction model based on historical symbolic time-series forecastingHomayounfard, H
2013Paid volunteers - investigating retention of Army ReservistsLording, JK
2007A parallel and distributed genetic-based learning classifier system with application in human electroencephalographic signal classificationSkinner, B
2013Parallel borders : constructing neocolonial space in the Pacific and Mediterranean SolutionsSpruce, DCM
2010The Paris revueMann, E
2011Participants' views of delayed consent for a randomised controlled trial in intensive carePotter, JE
2010Participatory content creation and social mediaWatkins, J
2013The participatory culture of architecture : heritage, media and the socio-visual life of the Sydney Opera HouseGarduño Freeman, Cristina
2008A pathway to sustainability in urban sanitation for developing Asian countriesAbeysuriya, KR
2009Patient safety : evaluation of the impact of nursing hours per patient day staffing method in Western AustraliaTwigg, DE
2016Patricia Highsmith's fiction to cinemaRosenberg, Marc Alan
2013Patterns in sense making interactions : how people make sense of kidney failure in online renal discussion groupsGodbold, NJ
2003Patterns of virtual collaboration.Biuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz
2012Payload-based anomaly detection in HTTP trafficJamdagni, A
2008A PDA based system with exception handling scheme for outpatient workflowUppu, Suneetha
2013Pedagogical partnerships and professionalisation : changing work and identities of professional staff at one Australian universityGraham, CM
2014Pedestrian navigation system using shoe-mounted INSLi, Y
2013Pedestrian traffic monitoring using Wi-Fi technologyXu, Z