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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Variability in the precision of acupoint location methodsAird, Mark
1997Variable region gene expression and structural motifs of human polyreactive immunoglobulinsRamsland, PA
2003Variation and change in university teachers' ways of experiencing teachingMcKenzie, Jo Anne
2002Variation in neonatal nurses' conceptions of competence in their practice : implications for the design of learning experiencesDavey, JG
2015Variational inference for heteroscedastic and longitudinal regression modelsMenictas, M
2014Vasco Loureiro : a bohemian's journey to the Western FrontKiem, PM
2009VerandahsBrooks, B
2015Vertical stiffness : relationship with soft-tissue injuries in Australian footballers and investigation of a novel modification techniqueSporri, D
2010The very human ideot : Locke's Essay, Darwin's Descent, and the disruptive power of intellectual disabilityPenhallurick, A
2009Vibration-based damage identification methods for civil engineering structures using artificial neural networksDackermann, U
2015Vibration-based structural health monitoringMakki Alamdari, M
2002Vibrational characteristics of bell platesLavan, Daniel
2010Vico's walkShannon, L
2005Video chaos : multilinear narrative structuration in new media video practiceKeen, Seth Hamlet
2010Video tracking of people under severe occlusionsZhang, Z
2007Virtual institutionsBogdanovych, A
2013The virtual leashKollosche, TJ
2010Virtual markets : the application of agent-based modeling to marketing scienceParker, RA
2007Vision-based multimodal analysis of affective face and upper-body behaviourGunes, Hatice
2011Visual melodies : design and evaluation of an interactive art installation for clinical environmentsChen, AY