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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980Energy losses and pressure head changes at storm drain junctionsHare, CM
1981Determination of rainfall/runoff model parametersGoyen, Allan Gregory
1984Theoretical aspects of the continuously varying schedule process for timber dryingNassif, Nassif Mahrous
1985An investigative study of computer guidance systems for project cost controlLangston, CA
1992Some aspects of Indonesian patent law in comparison with the Australian Patent ActHarahap, I
1993Assessing pronunciation gainsMehan, B
1993Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in the Sydney rock oyster, saccostrea commercialis (Iredale & Roughley)Pearson, B
1993An investigation of the perspectives on language proficiency of teachers, learners and supervisors within Workplace English Language and Literacy classes (AMES, NSW) and teacher practices relating to spoken and written language development within these classesManidis, Marie
1994Sustainable ecological and recreational management of sandy beach systemsSinclair-Hannocks, Sharyn Anne
1994The skillmax program : an evaluationBanfield, Karen Yvonne
1994Induction of drug resistance and differentiation in human leukaemia cell linesMarks, Denese Carol
1994The determination of equivalent value in life-cost studies : an intergenerational approachLangston, CA
1994Numerical modelling of magnetic materials for computer aided design of electromagnetic devicesZhu, JG
1994Tick toxinology : isolation and characterisation of the toxin from the Australian paralysis tick, Ixodes holocyclusThurn, MJ
1995The project environment, organisational characteristics of construction firms and the effectiveness of construction planning : a study of the inter-relationshipsFaniran, OO
1995Phyllis Shillito : 1895-1980 : a reviewKent, CJ
1995Slave to the rhythm : animation at the service of the popular music industryHill, MJ
1995The role of imagination in autobiography and transformative learningNelson, Alexander Christopher
1995The fantasy of exile : some reflections on the margins of the "unhomely consciousness"McCarthy, Peter James
1995Construction of a recombinant immunotoxinDunn, Rosanne Dorothy