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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013'I can't wait til I'm an actual journalist' : how students begin to become journalistsPrice, JDL
2017I know how it feels : a voice-hearing simulation to enhance nursing students' empathy and self-efficacyOrr, Fiona Robbie
2004I'm Russian ... sorry : an examination of the Russian migrant experience through three generations of one family and their contemporaries over three continentsApouchtine, N
2018Identification of Escherichia coli genes required for bacterial survival and morphological plasticity in urinary tract infectionsMediati, Daniel Giuseppe
2005Ideology and language in selected texts of Katherine PatersonMarch, P
2016'If walls could talk' : narrating adaptive reuse in the digital ageButler, Mark Gerard
2008Image avatars : self-other encounters in a mediated worldCleland, K
2019Image emotion recognition using region-based multi-level featuresRao, Tianrong
2000Images of Australia in books for children : 1940-1970Saxby, HM
2009Imagining women artists through fiction : the rose friezeLudlow, C
2010Immigrant stonemasons within Sydney and other parts of AustraliaReeves, CC
2013Immune regulation in plasma cell myelomaAklilu, E
2010Immunisation pain in infants : a Jordanian studyKassab, M
2001The impact of an information literacy framework based on six information skills on the learning of secondary school girls who are identified as being giftedLamb, EE
2010The impact of brand extensions and exposure on luxury brand perceptions and attitudesStegemann, N
2016Impact of Chinese corporations' investments in sub-Saharan Africa: ethics, responsibility and sustainabilityOkumu, Charles Onjumi
2018The impact of detection of respiratory viruses on at risk patient populationsMitchell, Alicia Brooke
2012The impact of institutional ownership : a study of the Australian equity marketYeung, DCS
2019Impact of intergenerational trauma transmission on the first post-Soviet generationDenejkina, Anna
2016The impact of mandatory savings on life cycle consumption and portfolio choicePan, Wei-Ting