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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Object detection in dynamic environmental conditions using evolutionary multimodal approachKale, Anup Vasant
2012Occupational stress, burnout and reduced psychological well-being among Australian dentists : a multi-method study extending the job demand-control-support model to incorporate copingJohns, RE
1998Ocular desires : sight and embodiment in the middle agesBiernoff, S
2018Odour profiling of blood training aids for blood-detection dogs using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC)Rust, LaTara
2018The office of the jurisprudent : the status and care of the dying and the deadMcVeigh, Robert Shaun
2007OJS in an HourOjs, T
2006Olive's bunker : a novelWest, Michael Dwayne
2010On composition : five studies in the philosophy of writingHarrison, M
2019On data-driven modelling and terminal sliding mode control of dynamic systems with applicationsSingh, Ansu Man
1998On form and meaning : Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and the Saline de ChauxO'Reilly, GR
2012On site remediation of micropollutants from stormwater for reuseMohammed, TMA
2017On the face of it : CCTV images, recognition evidence and criminal prosecutions in New South WalesGibson, Althea Jane
2012On the farm : an online virtual farmyard for pre-school and primary school childrenLan, Y
2019On the synthesis, properties, and applications of metal dithiocarbamate complexesAngeloski, Alexander
2018On the thermal stability of ligand-stabilised gold nanoparticlesKing, Shirin Rose
2008Onan the illiterate, or the revenge of the aesthetic (philosophy as art and the artist philosopher)Dirle, S
2005One the islandThomas, MH
2006One- and multi-stage scheduling problems with parallel processorsDo, Van Ha
2014Online access to legal information and the challenge to the legal concept of authorityJohns, FB
2008Online Islamic identity and community in Australia and three neighbouring countriesBahfen, NY