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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Qualitative constraint satisfaction problems : algorithms, computational complexity, and extended frameworkLiu, W
2017Qualitative spatial and temporal representation and reasoning : efficiency in time and spaceLong, Zhiguo
2002The qualities of primary art teachersBamford, Anne Kathleen
2010The quality of accruals and earnings : the role of components of accrual estimation errorsAbdo, N
2013Quality of care in maternal health : childbirth practices of public and private skilled birth attendants and a quality improvement system in CambodiaIth, P
2015Quality of Service (QoS) in 4G wireless networksFurqan, F
2018Quantification and distribution of genuinely nonlocal resourcesSu, Zhaofeng
2019Quantum computation and combinatorial structuresMann, Ryan Lee
2018Quantum emission from hexagonal boron nitrideTran, Trong Toan
2018Quantum emitters for sensing and sub-diffraction imagingKianinia, Mehran
2015Quantum entanglement transformations via local operations and classical communicationGuo, C
2009Queen city of the north : a history of Grafton, capital of the Clarence 1837-2008Kass, TH
2005Queer cinema as a fifth cinema in South Africa and AustraliaPeach, R
2014Queering archives : the practices of zinesLymn, JA
2007Questioned documents : forensic technical aspectsMazzella, WD
2018Queue-aware performance optimization of heterogeneous networksKong, Fancheng
2017A quintessential global product : bentwood furniture in Canada and Australia 1860 to 1945Wright, Virginia Margaret
2015Radiation damage effects within materialsDavis, Joel
2013Radio access technology selection strategies in next generation wireless networksAl Sabbagh, A
2015Radio and social transformation in ChinaLei, Wei