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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Radiation damage effects within materialsDavis, Joel
2013Radio access technology selection strategies in next generation wireless networksAl Sabbagh, A
2015Radio and social transformation in ChinaLei, Wei
2005Raman spectroscopy for the forensic examination of reactively dyed cottonThomas, J
2012Rammed, jammed and bifurcated : the convergence and divergence of intellectual property and competition policy in the digital environmentAverill, MH
2011Rapid forensic DNA typing using microchip electrophoresisBraybon, E
2013Rapid qualitative and quantitative analysis of novel drug analogues via Desorption Electrospray Ionisation - Mass Spectrometry (DESI-MS)Stojanovska, N
2015RAROC-Based contingent claim valuationChan, WKM
2011RAT selection algorithims for common radio resource managementWu, L
1996Re-conceptualising competency-based education and training : with particular reference to education for occupations in AustraliaGonczi, Andrew Paul
2011Re-defining creativity, with particular reference to its sustainability, within the context of the creative industries discourseBarnum, AT
2010Re-thinking the possibilities of feminist scholarship in the contemporary Australian universityBower, KAB
2007Re-thinking workplace learning : worker subjectivity/ies as sites of alignment and resistanceHarman, K
2000Re/constructing the subject : tactical textual uptakesSolomon, N
2009Reading in the margins : EAP reading pedagogies and their critical, postcritical potentialWilson, K
2008Reagents for infrared chemical imaging of fingerprints on difficult surfacesTahtouh, M
2008Real time character recognition of car number platesZheng, Lihong
2014Real time multi-sensor data acquisition and processing for a road mapping systemLuo, X
2015Real-time analytics for complex structure dataGuo, T
2006Real-time EEG classifier for multiple human actionsSmith, DJ