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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration hybrid systems in wastewater treatment and reuseShon, H
2013Ultrashort pulsed laser-induced chemistry : methodology, instrumentation, and analysisStraw, M
2014Ultrastructural description of Dientamoeba fragilis and a new viral-like particleBanik, GR
2005The umbrella man : a novelSommeville, J
2011Uncertain decision information processing in warning systems under group decision making frameworkMa, J
2015Uncertainty analysis and optimization by using the orthogonal polynomialsWu, Jinglai
2018Uncertainty modelling and motion planning of an inchworm robot navigating in complex structural environmentsPagano, David
2007Uncovering emotion in adult learningMulvihill, MK
2019Understanding and countering the influence of cyber racism on Australian world viewsConnelly, Karen Joy
2012Understanding and modelling current and future choices : (collected papers)Louviere, JJ
2017Understanding Chinese post-80s' outbound adventure tourism experienceCheng, Mingming
2007Understanding complexity in architecture-based analysisColquitt, David
2017Understanding conservation challenges : investigating conflict in a forest-agriculture fringe in southern India using multidisciplinary approachesOommen, Meera Anna
2010Understanding corporate social responsibility engagement in small and medium tourism businessesBarton, CE
2016Understanding distortion and biases in individual information processing under social impactCen, Yonghua
2011Understanding information communication in word of mouth behavioursGreenacre, L
2019Understanding IT entrepreneurial intentions of women in Saudi Arabia : technological and institutional perspectivesAleidi, Asma Ibrahim
2011Understanding learning within information technology projects : an examination of the Australian experienceHunt, SJ
2018Understanding sport consumers within competitive marketsFujak, Hunter
2015Understanding the capability of Indonesian shrimp producers to participate in Iucrative export markets; using the integrated sustainable livelihoods approach (SLA) and global value chain (GVC) analysesSari, I