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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Numerical modelling of the gas dynamics of a prototype free-piston engineGibbes, GP
2007Numerical solution of stochastic differential equations with jumps in financeBruti-Liberati, N
2001A numerical study of a rotary valve internal combustion engineHorrocks, Glenn David
2009A numerical study of peristaltic flowYun, M
2017The nurses' role in intra-abdominal pressure monitoring in the critical care settingHunt, Leanne Marie
2018Object detection in dynamic environmental conditions using evolutionary multimodal approachKale, Anup Vasant
2012Occupational stress, burnout and reduced psychological well-being among Australian dentists : a multi-method study extending the job demand-control-support model to incorporate copingJohns, RE
1998Ocular desires : sight and embodiment in the middle agesBiernoff, S
2018Odour profiling of blood training aids for blood-detection dogs using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC)Rust, LaTara
2018The office of the jurisprudent : the status and care of the dying and the deadMcVeigh, Robert Shaun
2006Olive's bunker : a novelWest, Michael Dwayne
2010On composition : five studies in the philosophy of writingHarrison, M
2019On data-driven modelling and terminal sliding mode control of dynamic systems with applicationsSingh, Ansu Man
1998On form and meaning : Claude-Nicolas Ledoux and the Saline de ChauxO'Reilly, GR
2012On site remediation of micropollutants from stormwater for reuseMohammed, TMA
2017On the face of it : CCTV images, recognition evidence and criminal prosecutions in New South WalesGibson, Althea Jane
2012On the farm : an online virtual farmyard for pre-school and primary school childrenLan, Y
2018On the thermal stability of ligand-stabilised gold nanoparticlesKing, Shirin Rose
2008Onan the illiterate, or the revenge of the aesthetic (philosophy as art and the artist philosopher)Dirle, S
2005One the islandThomas, MH
2006One- and multi-stage scheduling problems with parallel processorsDo, Van Ha
2014Online access to legal information and the challenge to the legal concept of authorityJohns, FB
2008Online Islamic identity and community in Australia and three neighbouring countriesBahfen, NY
2001Only rape! : an examination of the power of ideology and discourse in the policy process with a focus on policy pertaining to refugee womenPittaway, E
2008An ontological framework for contextualising information in hypermedia systemsBucknell, AJ
2011Ontology-oriented e-government service integration utilising the semantic webSanati, F
2018Opening open innovation : a multi-theoretical perspective on intermediaries in online community-based innovationRandhawa, Krithika
2010Opening the black box of guideline implementation : primary health care nurses' use of a guideline for cardiovascular riskMcKillop, AM
2008Operational risk management (ORM) systems : an Australian studyPitinanondha, T
2014Operations-based knowledge management (OBKM) in aircraft engineeringZawawi, RA
2013Opportunistic cooperative retransmission enhancements for the IEEE 802.11 wireless MACHagelstein, B
2016Optical niche partitioning of phytoplankton and implications for carbon fixationRobinson, Charlotte Mary
2010Optical properties of metallic systemsBlaber, MG
2008Optical properties of transition-metal-doped GaN and ZnO for spintronics applicationsMalguth, E
2019Optical transport of pseudo-random coatingsGalí Labarias, Marc Artur
2010Optically-selective window coatings of precious metal nanoparticlesStokes, NL
2011Optimal power management for the UTS plug-in hybrid electric vehicleAbdul Rahman, SB
2007Optimal search in structured environmentsLau, Haye
2018Optimal signal processing for next-generation communication systemsSheng, Zhichao
2017Optimisation algorithms for planning and scheduling workplace trainingCzibula, Olivér Gábor
2015Optimised auto-scaling for cloud-based web serviceJiang, J
2009An optimised region and boundary classifier for head movement classificationWilliams, SM
2016Optimising energy efficiency finance in emerging economies in Southeast AsiaStreitferdt, Verena Katja
2014Optimising management and care delivery in people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseDisler, RT
2014Optimization of force-directed graph drawing for large data visualization : methods for reducing the convergence time, and improving the readability on force-directed graph drawingHua, J
2016Optimization of parallel coordinates for visual analyticsLu, Liang Fu
2016Optimization of perceptual steganography capacity using the human visual system and evolutionary computationWazirali, Raniyah Abdullah
2004Optimization of transmission control protocol and feedback control mechanisms for wireless internetNhan, PN
2016Optimized personalized viable SLA management framework for small and medium providers to avoid SLA violation in cloudHussain, Walayat
2013Optimized resource allocation in wireless systemsRashid, U
2015Optimized transmission and selection designs in wireless systemsChe, E
2008Organisational implementation of storage area networks as a strategic knowledge managment toolJamoo, G
2015Organisational transitions to sustainability : a multi-level perspective analysis of a single case study to explore the impact of sustainability activities on organisational advancement to sustainabilityOlesson, EE
2012Organizational compassion as a complex social relational processSimpson, AV
2003Otse mbaka, this is who we are : cultural loss, change and recuperation in OvambolandBrasche, Inga
2008Our unending heritage : a critical biography based on the life of Ella Osborn Fry (nee Robinson) 1916-1997Bell, AA
2011Out-of-pocket costs and health care : evidence from Australia's Medicare programVan Gool, K
2012Outcome valuation in the economic evaluation of healthcareNorman, RPA
2011Outlier detection in large high-dimensional data and its application in stock market surveillanceLuo, C
2011Outside the box : creativity in modern conceptual engineering design, demonstrated by two case studiesRoser, H
2000Overcoming the legal impediments to urban planning for sustainability in the Sydney Greater Metropolitan RegionSperling, KM
2018OWL (One World League) : a lever for social change?Stevens, David Richard
2017Oxytocin and adrenaline spaces : midwives' perceptions and beliefs about the design of hospital birth roomsHammond, Athena Dee
2017Packet scheduling algorithms in LTE systemsHeidari, Roshanak
2011Packet Scheduling for LTE-AdvancedNguyen, SC
2013Packet scheduling under imperfect channel conditions in Long Term Evolution (LTE)Wang, Y
2013Packet-loss prediction model based on historical symbolic time-series forecastingHomayounfard, H
2013Paid volunteers - investigating retention of Army ReservistsLording, JK
2007A parallel and distributed genetic-based learning classifier system with application in human electroencephalographic signal classificationSkinner, B
2013Parallel borders : constructing neocolonial space in the Pacific and Mediterranean SolutionsSpruce, DCM
2018Parameter estimation and application for static nonlinear and dynamic linear systemsYe, Lin
2010The Paris revueMann, E
2016The parlor of the metropolis public parks and open space in the British concessions of China, 1842-1937Zhang, Yichi
2011Participants' views of delayed consent for a randomised controlled trial in intensive carePotter, JE
2010Participatory content creation and social mediaWatkins, J
2013The participatory culture of architecture : heritage, media and the socio-visual life of the Sydney Opera HouseGarduño Freeman, Cristina
2017Particulate matter emissions from Sydney railway system : concentration, heavy metal content and implications for public healthMohsen, Marwa
2008A pathway to sustainability in urban sanitation for developing Asian countriesAbeysuriya, KR
2009Patient safety : evaluation of the impact of nursing hours per patient day staffing method in Western AustraliaTwigg, DE
2016Patient specific 3D finite element modelling, analysis and verification of dental implant navigation and insertion systemTaraschi, Valerio
2018Patient-centred nursing, compassion satisfaction and compassion fatigue in Australian intensive care unitsCritical care nursing.; Intensive care Units.; Jakimowicz, Samantha Jane
2016Patricia Highsmith's fiction to cinemaRosenberg, Marc Alan
2013Patterns in sense making interactions : how people make sense of kidney failure in online renal discussion groupsGodbold, NJ
2003Patterns of virtual collaboration.Biuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz
2012Payload-based anomaly detection in HTTP trafficJamdagni, A