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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Development of a specialist nursing framework for New ZealandHolloway, Kathryn Thelma
2014Development of a technical management tool for settlement and stability behaviour of municipal solid waste landfillsTahmoorian, Farzaneh
2014Development of automated dynamic bidding agents for final price prediction in online auctionsKaur, Preetinder
2012Development of high performance shrinkage resistant concrete, using novel shrinkage compensating admixturesHamedanimojarrad, Pedram
2010The development of liposome encapsulated calcium phosphates for bone regenerationLewis, Kanthi Caroline
2015Development of methods for the characterisation of engineered nanoparticles used for soil and groundwater remediationChekli, Laura
2011Development of new methods for the synthesis of plasmonically-active precious metal rods and shellsEdgar, Jonathan Andrew
2013Development of novel biosorbents in removing heavy metals from aqueous solutionHossain, Md Anwar
2013Development of novel electrode materials for Li-ion batteries and Na-ion batteriesSu, Dawei
2009Development of pervious concreteAoki, Yukari
2008The development of proteomic techniques to study the Australian paralysis Tick, Ixodes holocyclus : the application of proteomic technology to an organism with poor bioinformatic informationPadula, Matthew Paul
2014Development of the oocyst wall in Eimeria maxima and biochemical analysis of gametocyte wall forming bodiesFrölich, Sonja
2007The development of Wasabia Japonica (MIQ.) Matsumura in vitroHung, Cao Dinh
2008Diabetic retinopathy : economic evaluation and cellular functionsTing, Julia Ho Yee
1996The dialectic of informal learning : a study of the discursive effects on the workplace learning of trainers situated within post-industrial corporate agendasGarrick, John
2003Diffraction investigations of cement clinker and tricalcium silicate using Rietveld analysisPeterson, Vanessa Kate
2009The diffusion of sustainable practices within the Australian housing industry : implications for future change managementReardon, Christopher Charles
2005Digital identity modelling and managementSubenthiran, Sittampalam
2014Digital media arts as terrain for inter-cultural political activismDahdal, Sohail
2009A directed learning-based evolutionary approach for legged robot motionAnshar, Muhammad