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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Financial exclusion and Australian domestic general insurance : the impact of financial services reformMorris, HW
2014Finding effective ways to improve subjective probability predictions through model learningWei, X
2015Finite element analysis of fluid-structure interaction in piping systemsCao, D
2017Finite element analysis of spur gearSingh, Gagandeep
2003Fire-related germination cues for soil-stored seedbanks of fire-prone habitats in the Sydney region, AustraliaKenny, BJ
2014The firmware development of a portable inertial measurement unit (IMU)Cui, X
1996Fishways and freshwater fish migration on South-Eastern AustraliaMallen-Cooper, MG
2014Flexible attention-based cognitive architecture for robotsNovianto, R
4-Dec-2014Flexible polyurethane in fire investigation : detection of hydrogen cyanide and time until flashoverGrimwood, KM
2008Forensic applications of infrared spectral imagingBojko, K
2002Forensic comparison of unevaporated and evaporated automotive gasoline samples from Australia and New ZealandSandercock, PML
2015Forensic drug profiling : a tool for intelligence-led policingMorelato, M
2016Forensic examination of Australian papers using isotope ratio mass spectrometryJones, Kylie Marie
2013Forward osmosis for the treatment of reverse osmosis concentrate from water reclamation : process performance and fouling controlJamil, S
2006Four essays on the integration of revenue management and customer-centric marketingMathies, C
2009Four papers on the effect of non-economic customer club structures on club performanceCox, D
2011FPGA based formation control of multiple ubiquitous indoor robotsYu, Y
2004A framework for assisting the design of effective implementation strategies for software process improvementNiazi, Mahmood Khan
2006A framework for the improvement of knowledge-intense business processesDalmaris, P
2014Framework for the interoperability of software engineering metamodelsQureshi, MA