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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1996Information utilisation : a cognitive analysis of how girls utilise drug information based on Brookes' fundamental equation K[S] + ∆I = K[S + ∆S]Todd, Ross James
2013Infrared chemical imaging for pathology and forensic biologyBurger, FJ
2015Infrastructure development in China : the six roads of ChongqingHidalgo Martinez, Miguel Angel
1998The initial post-arrival adjustment process of recently arrived humanitarian entrants : a case study of entrants from Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan in Sydney, AustraliaWaxman, P
2006Initialisation and Decentralised Control for Robotic ControlNguyen, AD
2016Innovation in Australian Manufacturing SMEs : exploring the interaction between external and internal innovation factorsSachdeva, Megha
2007Innovation in style and performance in hybrid documentary : Jabe Babe - a heightened lifeMerewether, J
2009Innovative machine learning techniques for security detection problemsTran, TP
2003Innovative mechanical design with a case study of pumping systems for low yield tube wellsDartnall, WJ
2003Innovative product design conceptualization with oil-less two-stroke engine as a case studyRoser, H
2006An inquiry into PBNM system performance required for massive scale telecommunication applicationsMagrath, Shane
2003Insect- and vertebrate-selective neurotoxins from Australian urodacid and buthid scorpion venoms : lead compounds for novel biopesticidesWilson, HL
2014Instance-based and feature-based classification enhancement for short & sparse textsLong, G
2016An institutional perspective on electricity industry reformsYang, Muyi
2012Instrumental considerations and applications of elemental bio‐imagingLear, J
2009An integral equation approach for analysis of control chartsAreepong, Y
1999Integrating Business Strategy and Enterprise Resource Planning systemsNiven, John Lincoln
2007Integrating knowledge management into business processesMaung, W
2013Integrating practice based and neuroscientific perspectives on the impact of digital technology on contemporary narrative dramaturgy, investigated through live simulation exercisesCrea, T
2015Integration and innovation in aged care organisations : three studies in New South WalesHixon, LL