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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011International student expectations : undergraduate student voices in an Australian universityHowlett, SN
2007Internet-based support for creative collaborationWeakley, A
2015An interpretive framework for complexity in IT projectsSyed, Gaiyasudeen A.
2012Interrupting progress : ruins, rubble and catastrophe in Walter Benjamin's historyFraser, EP
2009Introduction of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) for the forensic analysis of explosivesBenson, SJ
2008Invasion success of exotic vines in Australia : the importance of life-history, introduction-history and ecological attributesHarris, CJ
2015Investigating a design pattern to support personalized human computer interactionJi, Y
2014Investigating a framework for providing mobile banking opportunities to rural SMEs in BangladeshAhad, MT
2013Investigating chemotherapy adverse events : incidence, costs and consequencesPearce, AM
2008Investigating collaboration in art and technologyZhang, Y
2008Investigating the cell division protein FtsZ and its regulation in Bacillus subtilisPeters, PC
2015Investigating the dual function of the chloride intracellular ion channel proteinsAl Khamici, H
2013Investigating the effects of three needling parameters (manipulation, retention time, insertion site) on needling sensation and pain profiles and regional pressure pain threshold : a study of eight deep needling interventionsLoyeung, YK
2012Investigating the impact of disconfirmation and satisfaction on consumer choices using expected utilityKorkofingas, C
2014Investigating the meaning of 'gym-going' in an organisational gym : an ethnographically informed studyMotschiedler, S
2012Investigating the reliability of contemporary Chinese pulse diagnosis as a diagnostic tool in Oriental medicineBilton, KM
2013Investigating the role of a manager as a facilitator of ongoing informal work related learningCarter, RJH
2009Investigating the state of requirements elicitation in ThailandChaiyabute, S
2014Investigating the use of simulations in enhancing clinical judgement of students to practice as registered nursesKelly, MA
2013An investigation into adult learners' experiences of developing distributed learning networks with self-publishing technologiesBartlett-Bragg, AE