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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008An investigation of western influence in visual communications from Cambodian non-commercial sourcesPaling, WG
2014Investigation on the use of crumb rubber concrete (CRC) for rigid pavementsMohammadi, I
2014Investigation to direct ethanol injection in spark ignition gasoline enginesZhuang, Y
1985An investigative study of computer guidance systems for project cost controlLangston, CA
2003The invisibility of midwifery : will developing professional capital make a difference?Brodie, Patricia
2010Invoking the public interest in planningWells, CG
2010Is case management rhetoric or reality? : a survey on the use of case management in Australian residential aged care facilitiesBrooke, NJ
2010Island home country : subversive mourning : working with Aboriginal protocols in a documentary film about colonisation and growing up white in Tasmania. A cine-essay and exegesisThornley, J
2012Isolation and creativity : Ian Fairweather's 1952 raft journeyAllison, DM
2009Issue resolution and scope clarification in web systems development : a qualitative studyYusop, NB
2009It begins in the book : writing the material poemStuart, J
2003'It was good to be home' : nostalgia in Australian picture books 1970-1997Morrow, RM
2006It's like having to trade on the personal : changing work, changing identities of public health learning and development practitionersWilkins, RE
2007"It's like learning in 3D" : online project-based learning in NSW schoolsHarriman, SH
2008Joy : original feature screenplay ; and, Where do butterflies go when it rains? : on ordinary artists and everyday displacementsGleeson, VN
2008Judgements during information seeking : policy and research workers' assessments of enough informationBerryman, JM
2012Just getting light, a novel, and The railway librarian, an exegesisHay, A
2008Ka band propagation experiments on the Australian low earth orbit microsatellite 'FedSat'Kostulski, T
2014'Knowledge is power' : Aboriginal Healthworkers' perspectives on their practice, education and communitiesRose, M
1999Knowledge management for SMEs with particular emphasis on the tourism industryMannington, Michael