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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Intelligent application of fault detection and isolation on HVAC systemDehestani, D
2011Intelligent early warning system for avian influenzaZhang, J
2011Intelligent m-government services : a mobile-based emergency response systemAmailef, K
2015Intelligent situation awareness support system for safety-critical environmentsNaderpour, M
2007The interaction between synthetic jet and adverse pressure gradient boundary layer flowsLee, C
2015Interaction design in multidimensional visualization : techniques for multidimensional data visualization, exploration and visual analyticsHuang, T
2012Interactions of insecticidal spider peptide neurotoxins with insect voltage- and neurotransmitter-gated ion channelsWindley, MJ
2013Interactive effects of ocean acidification and warming on sediment-dwelling marine calcifiersSinutok, S
2015Intercell interference mitigation in long term evolution (LTE) and LTE-advancedDaeinabi, A
2015Intercontinental patterns in intertidal biodiversityLloyd, HB
2005Intercultural awareness and sensitivity in an Australian university : a study of professional practice of university staffOwens, AR
2009Interfaces for musical expression based on simulated physical modelsJohnston, AJ
2008Interfacial characterisation of sol-gel derived coatings of hydroxyapatite and zirconia thin films with anodised titanium substratesRoest, RS
2003International commercial arbitration and public policy : with principal reference to the laws of Australia, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United StatesTarlinton, JG
2008International Japanese students : their expectations and learning needs at Australian universitiesTaylor, P
2011International student expectations : undergraduate student voices in an Australian universityHowlett, SN
2007Internet-based support for creative collaborationWeakley, A
2015An interpretive framework for complexity in IT projectsSyed, Gaiyasudeen A.
2012Interrupting progress : ruins, rubble and catastrophe in Walter Benjamin's historyFraser, EP
2009Introduction of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) for the forensic analysis of explosivesBenson, SJ