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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Phosphorus removal mechanisms in soil and slag mediaLee, SH
1995In Vitro Regulation of Growth, Differentiation and Survival of Leukemic CD5+ B CellsTangye, Stuart Graham
1995Community emergentBeresford, JR
1995Ties that bind : the psyche of feminist filmmaking : Sydney, 1969-1989Collins, FJ
1996Learning and teaching mathematics : interpreting student teacher's voicesSchuck, Sandra Ruth
1996The dialectic of informal learning : a study of the discursive effects on the workplace learning of trainers situated within post-industrial corporate agendasGarrick, J
1996History in Australian popular culture : 1972-1995Morris, Meaghan Elizabeth
1996Contingency planning models for Government agenciesSwaminathan, Raji
1996Daunorubicin kinetics and drug resistance in leukaemiaGalettis, Peter
1996Spiral architecture for machine visionSheridan, Phillip
1996Re-conceptualising competency-based education and training : with particular reference to education for occupations in AustraliaGonczi, Andrew Paul
1996A comparison of vocational interest types and job satisfaction in adult career development : a study of unskilled workers in AustraliaHosking, KF
1996Chemical relationships in waters and sediments of some urban streams, with particular reference to heavy metals and phosphorusHayes, WJ
1996The glittering thread : the 1954 Royal Tour of AustraliaConnors, Jane Holley
1996The application of anti-dumping and countervailing measures in AustraliaWhitwell, Richard Bruce
1996Information utilisation : a cognitive analysis of how girls utilise drug information based on Brookes' fundamental equation K[S] + ∆I = K[S + ∆S]Todd, Ross James
1996Fishways and freshwater fish migration on South-Eastern AustraliaMallen-Cooper, MG
1996Structured graphs : a visual formalism for scalable graph based tools & its application to software structured analysisSifer, Mark John
1996The Sydney 2000 Olympics bid and its impact on the process of redefining Australian national identityWejbora, PC
1996Countertrade and the internationalisation of the Australian firmFletcher, R