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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995Adult education as professional practiceBeckett, David George
1995Phosphorus removal mechanisms in soil and slag mediaLee, SH
1995In Vitro Regulation of Growth, Differentiation and Survival of Leukemic CD5+ B CellsTangye, Stuart Graham
1995Community emergentBeresford, JR
1995Ties that bind : the psyche of feminist filmmaking : Sydney, 1969-1989Collins, FJ
1996Learning and teaching mathematics : interpreting student teacher's voicesSchuck, Sandra Ruth
1996The dialectic of informal learning : a study of the discursive effects on the workplace learning of trainers situated within post-industrial corporate agendasGarrick, J
1996History in Australian popular culture : 1972-1995Morris, Meaghan Elizabeth
1996Contingency planning models for Government agenciesSwaminathan, Raji
1996Daunorubicin kinetics and drug resistance in leukaemiaGalettis, Peter
1996Spiral architecture for machine visionSheridan, Phillip
1996Re-conceptualising competency-based education and training : with particular reference to education for occupations in AustraliaGonczi, Andrew Paul
1996A comparison of vocational interest types and job satisfaction in adult career development : a study of unskilled workers in AustraliaHosking, KF
1996Chemical relationships in waters and sediments of some urban streams, with particular reference to heavy metals and phosphorusHayes, WJ
1996The glittering thread : the 1954 Royal Tour of AustraliaConnors, Jane Holley
1996The application of anti-dumping and countervailing measures in AustraliaWhitwell, Richard Bruce
1996Information utilisation : a cognitive analysis of how girls utilise drug information based on Brookes' fundamental equation K[S] + ∆I = K[S + ∆S]Todd, Ross James
1996Fishways and freshwater fish migration on South-Eastern AustraliaMallen-Cooper, MG
1996Structured graphs : a visual formalism for scalable graph based tools & its application to software structured analysisSifer, Mark John
1996The Sydney 2000 Olympics bid and its impact on the process of redefining Australian national identityWejbora, PC