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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1997The influence of organisational culture, subculture, leadership style and job satisfaction on organisational commitmentLok, Peter
1997The anisminic revolution in Australia : the reception of the doctrine of extended jurisdictional error in AustraliaEllis-Jones, ID
1997Rhetoric and democracy : deliberative opportunities in current electoral processesStockwell, SE
1997Variable region gene expression and structural motifs of human polyreactive immunoglobulinsRamsland, PA
1997Combining educational aspects with new technology : teaching basic statistics using hypermediaMendez, Decler Arnaldo
1998The genesis and tectonic significance of chromitite-bearing serpentinites in southern NSWGraham, IT
1998Blurring the boundaries : breastfeeding as discursive construction and embodied experienceSchmied, V
1998School-museum integrated learning experiences in science : a learning journeyGriffin, Janette Margaret
1998"Making something for myself" : women, quilts, culture and feminismGrahame, EJ
1998Telecommuting : current status, future directionFeather, Robyn Elizabeth
1998Community structure of cliff-top coastal healthlands in Botany Bay National Park, SydneyFullerton, Robert Nigel
1998Impacts of selective outsourcing of information technology and information servicesJones, Sean Anthony
1998Captured and enraptured : the phenomenon of first-time parenting in the first yearAdams, AP
1998The battered body : a feminist legal historyGenovese, Ann Louise
1998Determinants of service behaviour among customer contact personnelDaniel, K
1998The initial post-arrival adjustment process of recently arrived humanitarian entrants : a case study of entrants from Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan in Sydney, AustraliaWaxman, P
1998Engineering properties of polystyrene aggregate concreteSabaa, Benjamin Ashong
1999Conceptions of teaching and learning instrumental and vocal music : a study of the ways musicians and their students experience the phenomenon of teaching and learning music at a tertiary levelReid, A
1999Industrial rotating kiln simulationVan Puyvelde, DR
1999Discourse contexts for second language development in the mainstream classroomGibbons, Pauline Frances