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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007L'€Doumenc, J
2003Labour movement views of post school education, training reform and economic restructuring in Australia between 1982 and 1995Brown, AJ
2002Language and power in nonprofit/for-profit relationships : a grounded theory of inter-sectoral collaborationMcQueen, Meryl
2006Language diversity and linguistic identity in Brittany : a critical analysis of the changing practice of BretonLe Nevez, Adam Terence
2009A laser based semi-autonomous wheelchair using Bayesian theoryTrieu, TH
1998Law and public policy in financial reporting in AustraliaKaran, R
2006A layered view model for XML with conceptual and logical extensions, and its applicationsRajagopalapillai, R
2014Leadership practices for innovation in high-technology organisationsAllen, G
2012Leadership succession in schools – an approach to developing a leadership philosophy in teachersBell, CM
1996Learning and teaching mathematics : interpreting student teacher's voicesSchuck, Sandra Ruth
2010Learning and the follow-through experience in three year Bachelor of Midwifery programs in AustraliaGray, JE
2014Learning as central to being and becoming : expert teachers' personal professional development and learningPatterson, CM
2008A learning ecology framework for collective, e-mediated teacher development in primary science and technologyForsyth, L
2014Learning from heterogeneous data by Bayesian networksSong, Y
2006Learning teamwork in architectural educationSpringett, EDB
2005LEDs and doped polymer light guides for efficient illumination and colour engineeringDeller, Christine Anne
2007The legacy of Streamlining and un-sustainability in industrial designAndrews, T
2006Lengthening cords and strengthening stakes : a case study in the provision of nurse education in a global contextVardanega, L
2009"Let me tell my story" : choosing Isabel and how a metaphor made her rightCarroll, J
2011Let's take this outside : developing models for locative narrativeCaines, C