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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Packet scheduling algorithms in LTE systemsHeidari, Roshanak
2011Packet Scheduling for LTE-AdvancedNguyen, SC
2013Packet scheduling under imperfect channel conditions in Long Term Evolution (LTE)Wang, Y
2013Packet-loss prediction model based on historical symbolic time-series forecastingHomayounfard, H
2013Paid volunteers - investigating retention of Army ReservistsLording, JK
2007A parallel and distributed genetic-based learning classifier system with application in human electroencephalographic signal classificationSkinner, B
2011Participants' views of delayed consent for a randomised controlled trial in intensive carePotter, JE
2017Particulate matter emissions from Sydney railway system : concentration, heavy metal content and implications for public healthMohsen, Marwa
2008A pathway to sustainability in urban sanitation for developing Asian countriesAbeysuriya, KR
2009Patient safety : evaluation of the impact of nursing hours per patient day staffing method in Western AustraliaTwigg, DE
2016Patient specific 3D finite element modelling, analysis and verification of dental implant navigation and insertion systemTaraschi, Valerio
2016Patricia Highsmith's fiction to cinemaRosenberg, Marc Alan
2013Patterns in sense making interactions : how people make sense of kidney failure in online renal discussion groupsGodbold, NJ
2003Patterns of virtual collaboration.Biuk-Aghai, Robert Parviz
2012Payload-based anomaly detection in HTTP trafficJamdagni, A
2013Pedagogical partnerships and professionalisation : changing work and identities of professional staff at one Australian universityGraham, CM
2016Pedagogical practices of vocational education and training in VietnamHo Thi, Hanh Tien
2014Pedestrian navigation system using shoe-mounted INSLi, Y
2011Peer counselling in higher education : participants' experiences of a programme in Hong KongYim, SWJ
2014People and practices : fostering transitions toward sustainability through transdisciplinary inquiry and individual, social and organisational learningFam, DM