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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2005Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration hybrid systems in wastewater treatment and reuseShon, H
2014Ultrastructural description of Dientamoeba fragilis and a new viral-like particleBanik, GR
2011Uncertain decision information processing in warning systems under group decision making frameworkMa, J
2007Uncovering emotion in adult learningMulvihill, MK
2011Understanding information communication in word of mouth behavioursGreenacre, L
2011Understanding learning within information technology projects : an examination of the Australian experienceHunt, SJ
2009Understanding the effectiveness of open standards for providing access to functions in next generation networksLee, S
2014Understanding the implementation of community case management of childhood illness in Indonesia families' and primary health care workers' perspectivesSetiawan, A
2014Understanding the lived experiences of second career beginning teachersVaradharajan, M
2007A unified approach to enterprise architecture modellingKhoury, GR
2009Unpredictable predictables : complexity theory and the construction of order in intensive careCarroll, KE
2009The uptake of drugs by necrophagous insectsKenny, DJ
2013US and Venezuelan presidential masculinities in the first decade of the 'War on Terror'Cannen, EL
2008The usage of the intranet and its impact on organisational knowledge sharing : an exploratory investigation of a public hospitalOyekan, AJ
2015The use of interactive game technology to improve the physical health of the elderly : a serious game approach to reduce the risk of falling in older peopleGarcia Marin, JA
2009Use of portfolios in assessing competency in applied learning of multimediaLiu, SL
2005The use of project management mechanisms in software development and their relationship to organisational distance : an emperical investigationMcBride, Thomas Murray Dr
2005Utilising dynamic roles in agent oriented methodologiesWard, CB
2005Variability in the precision of acupoint location methodsAird, Mark
1997Variable region gene expression and structural motifs of human polyreactive immunoglobulinsRamsland, PA