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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Modelling and surgical analysis of fracture repair of the facial skeleton using generic and patient matched finite element modelsConway, Richard Clem
2009Modelling default correlations in a two-firm model with dynamic leverage ratiosHuang, MX
2007Modelling electron tunnelling in the presence of adsorbed materialsHoft, RC
2012Modelling groundwater flow in a variably-connected aquifer-stream systemNejem, JK
2017Modelling impacts of climate variability and change on wheat cropping across New South WalesWang, Bin
2017Modelling optimal decisions for financial planning in retirement using stochastic control theoryAndréasson, Johan Gustav
2012Modelling supply chain gapsSukara, B
2014Modelling the effect of nutrient supply, temperature and light intensity on cnidarian-algae symbiosisGustafsson, MSM
2005Modelling the properties of gold nanopropertiesSoulé de Bas, Benjamin Jean-Sébastien
2006Modelling the structural behaviour of the fold-away shelterRondero, TRE
2011Modelling water and carbon canopy fluxesWhitley, RJ
2012Modelling, data mining and visualisation of genetic variation dataAloqaily, A
2015Modifications of PVDF-co-HFP membranes for desalination by direct contact membrane distillationYao, Minwei
2013Modulation of macrophage function and immune response by a helminth-derived cysteine proteaseDowdell, SN
2009The molecular basis for oocyst wall formation in Eimeria maximaMai, K
2009The molecular biology of venom genes from death adder and king brown snakeSung, K
2008Molecular characterisation of the thioredoxins in the parasitic nematode haemonchus contortusSotirchos, Irene M
2014Molecular epidemiology of Blastocystis sp.Roberts, TJ
2006The molecular epidemiology of Dientamoeba fragilis isolates in an Australian populationStark, D
2015Molecular interactions between Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae and host cellsRaymond, BBA