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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Investigation to direct ethanol injection in spark ignition gasoline enginesZhuang, Y
2016Investigation to the ride and handling of vehicle with interconnected suspensionsXu, Guangzhong
2016Investigations into air pollutant concentrations across inner Sydney and their relationships with urban forestryIrga, Peter Jacob
2013Investigations into efficient implicit LOD-FDTD using orthogonal and non-orthogonal meshesRana, Md Masud
1985An investigative study of computer guidance systems for project cost controlLangston, CA
2003The invisibility of midwifery : will developing professional capital make a difference?Brodie, Patricia
2010Invoking the public interest in planningWells, CG
2010Is case management rhetoric or reality? : a survey on the use of case management in Australian residential aged care facilitiesBrooke, NJ
2017Is there an association between the levels and changes in Vice Chancellors' and Chief Executive Officers' compensation and the performance of Australian universities and Government Business Enterprises?Pazmandy, Gregory Peter
2010Island home country : subversive mourning : working with Aboriginal protocols in a documentary film about colonisation and growing up white in Tasmania. A cine-essay and exegesisThornley, J
2012Isolation and creativity : Ian Fairweather's 1952 raft journeyAllison, DM
2009Issue resolution and scope clarification in web systems development : a qualitative studyYusop, NB
2019Issues with the delivery of power quality in wind farmsKeshavarz Siahpoosh, Massood
2009It begins in the book : writing the material poemStuart, J
2003'It was good to be home' : nostalgia in Australian picture books 1970-1997Morrow, RM
2007'It wasn't me it was my soccer boots!' : women, sport and identity : an exploration of identity through amateur women's soccerLedlin, Jacinta
2006It's like having to trade on the personal : changing work, changing identities of public health learning and development practitionersWilkins, RE
2007"It's like learning in 3D" : online project-based learning in NSW schoolsHarriman, SH
2016Iterative global-local methods to consider the local deformation effects in the analysis of thin-walled beamsAfnani Esfandabadi, Ashkan
2017A joint analysis of gross primary production and evapotranspiration of Australia using eddy covariance, remote sensing and land surface modelling approachesShi, Hao