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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Lie symmetry methods for multidimensional linear parabolic PDEs and diffusionsLennox, KA
2017The life and times of Iris Webber, marginal crime of sly-grog Sydney 2011-2017McGregor, Fiona Kelly
2014Life event ontology based e-government service integration with privacy awarenessAl Qahtani, A
2012The life history and ecology of Bluefish, Girella cyanea, at Lord Howe IslandLewis, MA
2016Life history characteristics and fishery of teraglin, Atractoscion aequidens in New South Wales, AustraliaHegarty, Anne-Marie Lyn
2009The lifelong learning education reform in Hong Kong : a review from the perception of frontline teachersChan, AYM
2012Light generation, transport, mixing and extraction in luminescent solar collectorsFranklin, JB
2007Linear actuators for locomotion of microrobotsLu, Haiwei
2005Linearisation, error correction coding and equalisation for multi-level modulation schemesKim, Y
2014The linguascape of urban youth culture in MongoliaDovchin, S
2012Link adaption with limited feedback for future wireless networksPatachaianand, R
2014Linking value, confirmation and satisfaction to predict behavioural intention : examining alternative models in a service environmentParvin, S
2005Liquid chromatographic analysis of geological organic substances of industrial importanceWhelan, T
2014Liquid spirits : the (re)production of academic identities through practicesBerti, M
2010Liquidity and efficiency during unusual market conditions : an analysis of short selling restrictions and expiration-day procedures on the London Stock ExchangeClifton, M
2013Literary subjectivity : a Lacanian approach to authoriality & postcards from desolation row : twelve storiesJohnson, LM
2015Lived experience of emotional highs in experiential learningZeivots, S
2005The lived experience of laterlife computer learnersRussell, Helen Mary
2018Local authority in the Han dynasty : focus on the SanlaoChen, Jiandong
2009Local government : tales of creativity and innovationMellor, R